• Hulkling’s role as Emperor of the Kree/Skrull Empire makes him a prominent political figure, but his actions in Grootspace could throw the galaxy into disarray. (136 characters)
  • Hulkling must convince the Galactic Council not to interfere in Grootspace, but Empress Victoria opposes him, potentially leading to war. (139 characters)
  • Hulkling’s disobedience and disappearance, coupled with his likelihood of disobeying orders, could lead to him starting multiple intergalactic wars. (150 characters)

Warning: Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy #7! A prominent former member of the Young Avengers may be on the verge of plunging the Marvel Universe into its next cosmic war. Since coming of age and leaving behind his humble beginnings as a young Avenger, Hulkling has embraced his halfling heritage and become Emperor of the Kree/Skrull Empire. This role makes him a prominent political figure in the galaxy, but he runs the risk of using that same position to wreak havoc on the galaxy.

It dates back to that time Guardians of the Galaxy #7 by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Kev Walker, Matt Hollingsworth and VC’s Cory Petit, in which Hulkling and his man delve deeper into Grootspace, formerly the Manifold Territories.

They learn that Groot is not as evil as originally thought, and Hulkling is tasked with using his political power to fend off interfering political forces. This proves easier said than done, and the Emperor could make things worse before they get better.

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Emperor Hulkling cannot convince others to stay away

During his Grootfall phase, Groot is said to have killed millions of people and devoured planets. As it turns out, as long as no one interferes with the nature of Grootfall, no one is truly dead and will be on their way back. Star-Lord needs Emperor Hulkling to convince his political compatriots of this before it is too late. Hulkling pleads his case to the rest of the Galactic Council and urges them not to invade Grootspace territory in the future. Another council member, Empress Victoria (who happens to be Star-Lord’s sister), is the first to say “no,” so it’s safe to assume the “no” is shared throughout the council. And judging by Hulkling’s face, he’s not going to take this refusal lightly.

An unruly Hulkling can start a war

With no one else in the universe on their side, it’s safe to assume that Hulkling and Wicca will at least return to help the Guardians, since they’re the only ones who know their true intentions. However, the majority of the Council’s failure to act as a political figure could be seen as treason at best, and lead to an ensuing intergalactic war at worst. It is no different than when a country breaks its promise not to interfere in another country’s affairs, especially when those affairs are war-related.

This wouldn’t even be the first time he comes close to starting a war in this issue, as Wicca casually mentions that Hulking left his post without leaving a message. While it’s most likely a hoax, the emperor of a major intergalactic empire disappearing without telling anyone is pretty serious, especially considering how weak the Kree/Skrull alliance is. A missing emperor is something that will start a war if you’re not careful. Combined with Hulkling’s likelihood of disobeying the orders of another political figure in Queen Victoria, that doesn’t bode well for the future. As small and subtle as these story beats may feel, they could very easily lead to something big, like there’s some kind of war brewing in the galaxy revolving around Groot’s latest actions.

If Kaiser Hulkling isn’t careful, the former Young Avenger could end up starting multiple intergalactic wars at once just by helping the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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