• Although Ultron was a unique and threatening villain, he was killed off after just one appearance, robbing the MCU of the potential lasting threat he could have posed.

  • Quicksilver’s sudden death in Age of Ultron was a waste of his character, as his presence could have greatly influenced Wanda and Clint’s stories.

  • Malekith’s story was sacrificed in Thor: The Dark World, and his killing after one appearance prevented him from fulfilling his comic potential and becoming a more menacing presence.

Characters die in the Marvel Cinematic Universe all the time, but some fail to reach their full potential before they leave. It’s inevitable that characters will be killed off in a good versus evil franchise like the MCU, but some just seem to come too soon. Typically, the more a character appears in the MCU timeline, the more fleshed out their character becomes, which is why it’s such a shame when a character dies after just one or two appearances.

Several now-deceased MCU characters would have benefited from more screen time. Whether they benefited from additional character development or proved overly popular with viewers, several heroes and villains alike had more stories to tell. While death served its purpose on screen, the MCU could have done a lot more with some characters by keeping them alive.

10 Ultron

Ultron was the titular villain of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Despite being limited to one film appearance, he still remains one of the MCU’s strangest villains. Unlike many other MCU villains, Ultron was a fully manufactured being. What made it particularly difficult was that he was created by Earth’s heroes themselves, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Ultron is a direct embodiment of what Tony feared most – that his inventions could be used for evil.

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While it made sense that Ultron would die at the end of the film, it was still a shame to see one of the more unique and threatening villains cut out. Instead of killing him after one appearance, the MCU could have captured him so that his presence could continue to be a threat in the future. Ultron’s actions had been caused by events such as: B. already have lasting effects on the MCU Captain America: Civil War. The fact that his physical presence still lurks somewhere in the universe could have been all the more threatening.

9 Mercury

When you think of MCU characters who died way too soon, Quicksilver is often one of the first to come to mind. Wanda Maximoff’s twin was introduced in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Mid-credits scene and played an integral role in Avengers: Age of Ultron. When he and his sister switched sides to join forces with the Avengers, it looked like the MCU was making him a future key player. His death is still one of the most sudden and unexpected in the MCU. He sacrificed himself to protect Clint Barton and a little boy.

If Pietro Maximoff hadn’t died Age of Ultron, there would have been so much potential for his character going forward. His presence would have greatly changed Wanda’s story and even had some influence on Clint’s story, as he viewed the Avenger as a mentor of sorts. Since Quicksilver is a popular comic book character and actor Aaron Taylor Johnson portrays him charismatically, having him for just one movie feels like a waste.

8 Malekith

Malekith is often forgotten among MCU villains, as his role in Thor: The Dark World was lackluster. Although actor Christopher Eccleston did a good job with what he was given, too much of Malekith’s individual story was sacrificed to build up the larger MCU. It doesn’t help that he was killed outright after just one appearance, meaning the villain had no chance to evolve.

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Malekith’s Marvel Comics counterpart is incredibly more menacing than what the MCU offers. The comic version of Malekith felt a thirst for blood and revenge, but it didn’t quite pan out Thor: The Dark World. Even if the MCU didn’t want to explore Malekith anymore for the time being, the film could have at least kept him alive so that his presence still posed a looming threat. Malekith needed to fulfill his comic potential and would have benefited from one or two more on-screen appearances.

7 Yondu

Yondu has a total of two MCU appearances, which is at least more than most supporting characters. He is a kind of antagonist Guardians of the Galaxy, but he’s anything but a villain. At the time of Vol. 2, he establishes himself as a trustworthy ally. His sacrifice for Peter may have been a fitting ending, but it is also an example of why not every story arc has to end in death.

There are so many popular characters in it Guardian franchise that is difficult to keep track of, but Yondu is definitely one of them due to his humor, wit, and relationship with Peter. Perhaps Vol. 2 was the natural end to his act, but it would have been nice to just leave him alone. With his paternal relationship with Peter now fully established, making him an even stronger background character and allowing him a few more appearances would still have been a fitting end to his character.

6 Wenwu

Wenwu is a character with such a long history that it almost feels like a disservice that the MCU packed his story into a single film appearance. He has centuries of stories to tell and yet he was willing to give up all his power to be with his family. This is what makes Wenwu such a fascinating and empathetic character, as his later power trip shows Shang Chi didn’t come from completely bad intentions, but mostly from sadness.

Sacrificing himself for his son may have seemed like the natural direction for his story, but it didn’t have to be that way. It would have been just as fascinating and satisfying if Wenwu had been spared Shang Chi, thereby establishing a reformed relationship between him and his children. Shang-chi and

5 Killmongers

Killmonger may be a fan-favorite MCU villain due to the charismatic Michael B. Jordan, but the character himself is incredibly interesting. Like Wenwu, his villain story was born out of grief. He developed into a skilled soldier, and although his hostile takeover of Wakanda in Black Panther Despite casting him in the role of the villain, his intentions weren’t quite as clear. Killmonger is a very morally complex character as he believed his methods would help people.

Although many wanted to believe that Killmonger was the finale Black Panther Although the scene was open to interpretation and that he was not actually dead, the character’s fate was ultimately confirmed Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Restricting such a charismatic, morally gray character to one on-screen appearance feels like a loss for the MCU. However, the MCU contributed to the character’s popularity with its surprise Wakanda forever Miniature.

4 Ramonda

Queen Ramonda’s death may have been necessary to Shuri’s character arc, but having her death serve as a plot device for someone else feels like a disservice to her character. She was the strong, powerful leader of Wakanda, and the country deserved some stability after the death of King T’Challa. Especially with Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverit seemed like the film could have set Ramonda up for a much more significant role in the MCU.

Ramonda’s death at the hands of Namor was unexpected and some even hoped it was a fake. However, it soon became apparent that Ramonda’s time in the MCU was cut short, leaving Shuri completely alone. Her death seemed inevitable for the direction the MCU was taking with Shuri’s character Wakanda forever, but it didn’t have to come at the cost of Ramonda’s life. She was definitely a supporting character who could have done a lot to develop, and it feels like the MCU wasted her potential by killing her off.

3 Maria Hill

Maria Hill has actually had quite a bit of screen time in the MCU. Of course, with her MCU history dating back to Phase 1, Hill’s status as a mainstay of an MCU would make it seem like she’s had more than enough screen time. However, the MCU managed to completely ruin and waste its potential as soon as it started developing it further.

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With Secret invasion Since it was a solo project by Nick Fury without interference from the big heroes, it meant that people like Maria could also shine. In fact, Hill was even set up for a major development in the series, only to be killed off in the first episode in favor of Fury’s story. For a character who has had several supporting appearances over the years, the MCU still managed to leave audiences yearning for more of Hill.

2 Mystery

Quentin Beck seemed like an ally when he was introduced Spider-Man: Far From Home, but he turned out to be one of the biggest threats to Peter’s life. Even after Beck’s death at the end of the film, his actions had a lasting impact on Spider-Man’s career and Peter’s personal life. However, Mysterio is far too fascinating a character to give up on him so quickly.

Given the uniqueness of Mysterio’s “powers” compared to other villains, there were so many directions for the MCU to take that didn’t have to result in death. His death could have just been an illusion, just like most of his other tricks, and he could have stayed alive to cause more problems for Peter. His death alone raises a lot of questions, like what happened to his massive team and all of his technology, and it could have felt a lot more satisfying to see a character as interesting as Mysterio return.

1 Frigga

As a smaller supporting character, Frigga had the potential to be much more. From what little the MCU showed of her Thor And Thor: The Dark World, she seemed to be the true emotional leader of Asgard. While the rest of her family acted impulsively and recklessly, Frigga was the one who kept the peace in the empire. In addition to her leadership skills, she was quite powerful in her own right as a skilled witch.

The brief conversation Thor has with Frigga from the past Avengers: Endgame is just a glimpse of what could have been. Frigga had the potential to become a Ramonda-level leader in the MCU, especially after the death of Odin. Frigga, another character killed for someone else’s arc, could have had a bigger impact than in the story MCU.

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