• In television shows, characters are often recast for various reasons, but some recasts end up being even better than the original, improving the quality of the show.
  • A new cast allows for the development of new characters and can increase the success of a series.
  • New casts like Javicia Leslie as the new character who becomes Batwoman and Charles Melton as Reggie Mantle brought fresh and well-received performances and breathed new life into their respective characters.

It’s not unusual to see one TV show You can recast a character throughout its runtime, but some actor changes end up being even better than the original. Some of the best TV shows of all time have experienced significant recasts for many different reasons, such as scheduling conflicts, a cast member choosing another project or unable to attend filming for some reason, or controversy behind them the backdrops. While many recasts result in a character’s quality decreasing, there are many that change the series for the better.

There are cases where a television show decides not to recast a character. This may be because the series does not want the character to return or was played by someone who has since passed away. A recast usually occurs due to uncontrollable circumstances, although not exclusively, but allows the production to implement new character developments. Regardless of the reason, Some recasts help increase a show’s continued success.


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10 Javicia Leslie replaced Ruby Rose as Batwoman


CWs Batwoman has seen three actresses play the title role, split between two characters. The first to take on the role was Ruby Rose, best known for her appearance in the Netflix drama Orange is the new black. Rose only starred for one season before her departure after claiming that the Batwoman The set was unsafe. Although Kate eventually returned to the show, the role was recast and played by Wallis Day instead.

The role was then recast as a slightly different character, Ryan Wilder, and portrayed by Javicia Leslie until the series ended in 2022. However, Leslie’s portrayal as the new Batwoman was an entirely new character, as Ryan Wilder did not exist in the original comics. Ryan’s character was generally well received, so much so that afterward Batwoman came to an end, it was tied into a major story arc The Lightning. Despite the presence Kate (Rose) left behind, Leslie’s personality came through in her performance, gives the characterization a breath of fresh air compared to its predecessor.

9 Michiel Huisman replaced Ed Skrein as Daario Naharis

game of Thrones

game of Thrones Season 4 Recast of Daario Naharis, the leader of the Second Sons and an all-around skilled warrior. Ed Skrein’s departure from the show initially caused some confusion, but his replacement, Michiel Huisman, quickly stepped into his shoes. While Skrein’s portrayal was more in line with the book’s description His long hair and his confidence that he was afraid of nothing made him feel a little out of place Game of Thrones.

However, Huisman’s interpretation fit the show much better and was more serious and dark. Huisman’s ability to recreate Daario’s iconic charm and the character’s complex layers helped the series move past the recast quite quickly, especially with his on-screen chemistry with Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen.

8 Sarah Chalke replaced Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner


RoseanneBecky was a unique recast, as two actresses shared the role at several points during the series’ original run. Originally played by Lecy Goranson, the actress left the series in Season 5 to go to college and appeared sporadically until the end of the series. The part was then handed over to the future Peels And Rick and Morty star Sarah Chalke during Goranson’s absence.

While Goranson should return Roseanne On several occasions, scheduling conflicts resulted in Chalke filling in for certain episodes before the original actress stepped down to avoid further delays in filming. Despite these problems The chemistry between Chalke and the rest of the cast was greatand given the pressure of taking on such an iconic character, he delivered a hilarious and unforgettable performance.

7 Charles Melton replaced Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle


Ross Butler originally played the role of Reggie Riverdale Season 1, but had to leave the series due to filming conflicts following casting 13 reasons why. After Butler’s departure, the role was recast to Charles Melton. Butler brought one of them back Riverdale, However, he starred alongside his successor in the 100th episode “The Jughead Paradox”. With each season, Melton added more to the character. especially in his appearances alongside co-star Camila Mendes, Further proof that Veronica should have been with Reggie, not Archie.

6 Skylar Astin replaced Santino Fontana as Greg Serrano

Crazy ex-girlfriend

Crazy ex-girlfriendGreg was one of the show’s most notable characters and was originally played by Santino Fontana in seasons 1 and 2. The character left the company at the start of the second season to go to business school, as Fontana turned his attention to other projects after only being under contract for one season Crazy ex-girlfriend. After Greg’s return in season 4, he had changed and the character was recast Pitch perfect Star Skylar Astin.

During Fonatana’s tenure, Greg struggled with alcoholism and his turbulent relationship with Rebecca (Rachel Bloom). That was common back then Explain the rewriting of the story with the idea that Rebecca saw Greg differently when he was struggling, and when he came back healthier, sober, and more stable, she could really see him. Even though Astin only played Greg last season, his performance brought a breath of fresh air to the character, which worked perfectly given the context.

5 Jane Sibbett replaced Anita Barone as Carol Willick


Ross’ ex-wife Carol was a crucial recurring character Friends and a great example of LGBTQ+ representation in the 1990s. The character was portrayed by Anita Barone in the episode “The One with the Sonogram at the End” just for Friends To Carol was recast with Jane Sibbett, who played the role for the remainder of the first season and beyond. Sibbett gave such a brilliant performance as Carol, and The chemistry between Ross (David Schwimmer) and Susan (Jessica Hecht) was great. that it is difficult to imagine the role played by someone else.

4 Mae Whitman replaced Alessandra Torresani as Ann Veal

Captured development

Captured development was another show that explored recasting through its humor. Ann Veal, the girlfriend of George Michael (Michael Cera) and briefly Gob (Will Arnett), was played by Alessandra Torresani. Torresani appeared in Captured development Season 1 before handing over the role to Mae Whitman, and the recasting of the sitcom character was noted upon her return. Originally, the character was intended to be played by a different actress in each episode, a recurring joke about Ann’s lack of memorability. However, Whitman’s already established career and her ability to develop the character further secured her a recurring role Captured development.

3 Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden replaced Justin Roiland as Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

The Rick and Morty The new version of the voice actor caused a lot of conversation after the allegations against Justin Roiland were published. However, it is one that made the show better. Roiland originally portrayed the characters of Rick and Morty, but in a twist for the series Rick and Morty The title characters are cast with two voice actors. Ian Cardoni was then introduced as Rick and Harry Belden as Morty Season 7.

The new voice actors were highly anticipated, although there was some concern that adding Rick and Morty to the series could take the series in a completely different direction, especially since the new cast was not announced until after the season seven premiere. Although it was a risky casting choice Rick and Morty, It was ultimately the right decision, and Cardoni and Belden were praised for their nearly identical recreations the voices of the iconic character.

2 Dan Stevens replaced Justin Roiland as Korvo

Sun opposites

Justin Roiland’s other adult animation, Sun oppositesalso experienced a new version at the same time Rick and Morty. Korvo, the blue alien best known for his constant stress, has been recast in Season 4 with British actor Dan Stevens. not how Rick and Morty, in which an exact copy of the character’s voices were brought to life with new actors, Sun opposites took a different direction.

The Sun opposites The fourth season recast improved the show overall. Korvo suddenly adopting an English accent made perfect sense I was responsible for the character’s expressionless demeanor, and although it was a jarring change tonally, she adapted quickly. Despite coming primarily from the dramatic and live-action acting scene, Stevens fit into the character perfectly and hoped his strong performance would carry it further into it Sun opposites Season 5.

1 Ray Wise replaced Eric Braeden as Robin Scherbatsky Sr

How I Met your mother

Although originally a minor character, Robin (Colbie Smulders) made her first appearance in the series, played by Eric Braeden How I Met your mother Season 4 episode “Happily Ever After.” Robin Scherbatsky Sr. returned for a few brief appearances beginning in season six before becoming a recurring character in the main storyline of Robin and Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) wedding. However, Robin’s father was significantly changed from his second appearance onwards and was portrayed by Ray Wise for the remainder of the series.

Luckily, the two actors had some similarity in their looks, and that’s true TV show New version that wasn’t entirely obvious at first. Braeden had been asked to return there How I Met your mother However, turned down the opportunity to reprise the role, with Neil Patrick Harris revealing that this was because the actor felt the role wasn’t substantial enough for him (about X). Wise’s account provided some of these How I Met your motherThe most hilarious quotes ultimately made the original cameo pretty memorable.

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