A Russian army volunteer collecting donations at a church revealed the huge losses and difficult conditions faced by Moscow soldiers near Donetsk.

In a video shared on Twitter by Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko, a man in military uniform stands next to a priest in an Orthodox church and describes an assault regiment in the Donetsk region that has suffered significant losses.

“I am a volunteer from St. Petersburg. My name is Verkiew Igor Gennadievich. “There is currently a regiment in Donetsk that is in constant advance and is facing heavy losses,” he says.

“I was absent there for 10 days. Over 1,000 men were killed during this period,” he added.

A Russian regiment consists of three to six battalions and typically has no more than 2,000 men.

In an apparent attempt to appease the authorities, he adds: “We are not competing with the Ministry of Defense; We simply deliver everything that there is no time for.”

Furthermore, he says that in the prevailing terrible conditions, especially during the harsh winter period, simple gloves are valued more by the soldiers than the medals.

“Yesterday I spoke to the regiment. They said: ‘Igor, these gloves you are bringing will be given out instead of medals,’” the man reveals.

It is not the first time that Russian soldiers and volunteers have accidentally revealed the actual losses they are suffering on the Ukrainian front – and the figures differ “slightly” from those reported by Russian authorities.

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In a wiretapped telephone conversation released by Ukrainian Military Intelligence (HUR) in July, a Russian soldier told his wife that Moscow forces were suffering huge losses at the front and told her not to believe what she was seeing on television news .

“Casualties have been enormous recently and only a few of us remain, yet they continue to send us into dangerous situations.

“And they can’t do anything about it, we can’t do anything, the command is made up of idiots.

“Shit, they’re literally fucking us up here… soon they’ll kill us all here.”

The soldier also complains that he is very poorly equipped and has run out of ammunition:

“This is no longer the world’s second army. After Ukropia (Ukraine), it is already the third.”

In another wiretapped conversation last week, a Russian soldier described how Moscow forces in Avdiivka are suffering such heavy losses that hospitals are overflowing and the wounded are arriving in truckloads.

“There are a lot of people there and the wounded are brought here in trucks literally every day,” he said.

“Many deaths too. I’m in a civilian hospital because the military hospital is overcrowded – three floors full.”

Although the authenticity of the call has not been confirmed, both Ukrainian and Russian and independent sources confirm that Russia is currently suffering huge losses and the daily number of soldiers killed is reaching a record high.

Source : www.kyivpost.com

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