At least 14 people died when a small passenger plane crashed in the Amazon on Saturday. File photo by Phil P. Harris/Wikimedia Commons

Sept. 16 (UPI) — At least 14 people died Saturday after a small passenger plane crashed in the Amazon, officials said.

Wilson Lima, the governor of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, announced the plane crash in Barcelos in a statement on twitter. Lima said 12 passengers and two crew members died.

“Our teams have been working from the start to provide the necessary support. My solidarity and prayers go out to my family and friends,” Lima said.

The Brazilian Center for the Investigation and Prevention of Aviation Accidents confirmed to the O Globo newspaper that it was investigating the incident.

Lima told O Globo that the victims were all Brazilian tourists who were probably in the Amazon to play sports in the Rio Negro.

The plane took off from Manaus and was en route to Barcelos when heavy rain caused the pilot to miss the runway and the plane crashed into a structure at the airport, Lima said.

The aircraft was a twin-engine turboprop model from the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. The names of the possible victims based on the flight manifest were provided to authorities by Manaus Aerotáxi, an air taxi company.

“Manaus Aerotáxi deeply regrets to inform you that an accident involving the PT-SOG aircraft occurred this afternoon in the city of Barcelos/AM,” the company said in a statement on Instagram.

“The safety of passengers and crew is always a priority for Manaus Aerotáxi. Therefore, we are sure that the aircraft and crew involved in the accident have complied with all the Civil Aviation Authority’s necessary airworthiness requirements, and we are committed to clarifying all the details related to this accident.

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