Actor Sonali Kulkarni gets slammed for calling women ‘lazy’ and urging them to contribute to domestic expenses

National award-winning actor Sonali Kulkarni got the wrath of many netizens after she called out certain women for being ‘lazy’ and ‘demanding’. Kulkarni made these remarks during an interview with Bhupenddra Singh Raathore, who runs the popular YouTube channel CoachBSR. This interview was published on YouTube on March 2, and soon a clip went viral.

During the talk, Kulkarni said that while men face immense pressure to financially support their family just as they turn 18, women, on the other hand, reach 25 or 27 years of age and then force their boyfriends to sponsor an international honeymoon.

She also criticised women for “being on the edge” in workplaces and going to the human resources (HR) personnel over trivial issues. The 48-year-old actor urged women to contribute to domestic expenses besides cooking.

Kulkarni’s remarks have met applause, but many netizens did not share the same sentiment as the audience.

Many people denounced her statements and said that she trivialised the value of unpaid domestic labour and care work done by homemakers and diluted the instances of sexual harassment at work.

Commenting on Kulkarni’s video, a Twitter user wrote, “Who can give such statements that women are lazy, if not a privileged upper caste woman. Look at women in this country. The amount of unpaid labor women do almost feels criminal. She needs to read the Govt data on what women go through in this country. Sit down, Miss Kulkarni.”

Another person wrote, “I find it ridiculous that in a system where the woman does all the heavy lifting with regard to household chores, cooking, care-giving, sacrificing career etc, she is made to look like a freeloader here, and told to “contribute financially”, reduce the “pressure on the man”.”