• Another
    Gilmore Girls
    “Revival” could answer the question of who the father of Rory’s baby is and provide closure
    A year in the life
    is the big twist.

  • Continuing the series with Rory as a single mother could feel repetitive and bore viewers as it would mirror Lorelai’s storyline in the original series.

  • If done well, a
    Gilmore Girls
    The revival could give Rory a satisfying and contented ending.

Although the original run ended in 2007, Gilmore Girls remains a popular series to this day – enough so that Netflix released a revival in 2016 and many fans are still looking for new episodes A year in the life. A year in the life brings some characters’ stories to a more satisfying conclusion than the original series, but the revival raises questions about the fate of others.

Given that A year in the life leaves Rory’s future uncertain, Gilmore Girls could continue in one form or another. If Gilmore Girls Need for a second revival is a different story, and there are compelling arguments for both sides.

Should: Another Gilmore Girls revival could reveal who the father of Rory’s baby is

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the LifeThe ending of Rory reveals that Rory is pregnant, but does not provide any details about the father of her child. It’s probably not that important to know the father of Rory’s baby. As the Netflix revival comes to an end, she is not in a relationship, which means she will be raising the child alone, following in her mother’s footsteps.

However, Gilmore Girls is a romantic pairing-heavy series featuring all of Rory’s former friends A year in the life. Naturally, fans — especially those who are more invested in one relationship over the other — are curious about the father of Rory’s child. Another Gilmore Girls Revival could answer their questions and provide closure A year in the lifeis the big twist.

Shouldn’t: Rory’s “A Year in the Life” ending would make a revival feel dull

While it might be nice to get some on-screen confirmation about the father of Rory’s baby, following her as she raises a child might seem dull after the original Gilmore Girls. This is the most logical action for a second Gilmore Girls Revival follows. However, this premise is almost identical to the original series.

Rory’s bond with her mother is much less turbulent than Lorelai’s relationship with Emily (Kelly Bishop). Gilmore Girls begins, but everything from raising a child alone to juggling parenthood and career ambitions will reflect Lorelai’s character arc. Unless someone else Gilmore Girls The revival may bring something new to the table with Rory’s journey, but it risks treading on overly familiar territory and boring viewers.

Should: Rory Gilmore deserves a happy ending

When a Gilmore Girls Revival finds a way to keep Rory’s parenting journey fresh would It would be nice to see Bledel’s character finally get a happy ending. All the while, Rory struggles with her dreams for the future Gilmore Girls And A year in the life, and the latter does not end with her achieving her goals. Actually, A year in the life reveals that Rory’s career never quite goes the way she wants it to. And while she doesn’t need a relationship to make her ending worthwhile, it would be nice to see if she finds someone or is happy with herself in the end.

Rory ends with A year in the life lacks the satisfaction and closure that viewers might expect from the Netflix revival. Another Gilmore Girls Reboot can offer something more satisfying, both for Rory herself and for those who have followed her journey for years.

Shouldn’t: A Gilmore Girls revival could ruin Lorelai’s happy ending

While another Gilmore Girls The revival might give Rory a more satisfying sendoff, but it would risk ruining Lorelai’s hard-fought happy ending. The original Gilmore Girls often puts Lorelai to the test and constantly struggles with her career and her love life. A year in the life finally gives her closure on both fronts by marrying Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) at the very end.

At this point, it seems unnecessary to dredge up any more drama for Lorelai to deal with; She already has to deal with so many problems in the original Gilmore Girls, and most are addressed by A year in the life‘send. With that in mind, continuing the show would only rehash old storylines and risk destroying their peace. The only way to make a second Gilmore Girls The revival work is intended to focus more on Rory and her child than on Lorelai and Rory.

Should: Lane Kim deserves better than what she has

If a follow up too Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Since Rory primarily follows Rory, there could be larger roles for her friends and colleagues in the story. This presents an opportunity for debate Gilmore GirlsBiggest Failure: The End of Lane Kim (Keiko Agena). Lane is Rory’s rebellious and sensible friend throughout Gilmore Girls, and she has big ambitions at the start of the show – namely, to live a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Unfortunately, at the end of the show, Lane remains in Stars Hollow, settling for a life very different from the one she dreams of.

While A year in the life suggests that Lane is happy with her choices, but it does little to improve her ending. Now that her children are older, one more Gilmore Girls The reboot could give Lane the career she deserves and push her back into the world of music. It could also lead to her venturing beyond her small-town life – or at least coming to terms with everything she’s given up.

Shouldn’t: Too many Gilmore Girls characters will be missing

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life brings back most of the original series’ cast, but some characters are less prominent because their actors weren’t able to devote much time to the Netflix revival. That’s apparently why Sookie and Dean are barely there A year in the life – Melissa McCarthy and Jared Padalecki are both busy right now – and this problem will only continue with another revival. Although new Gilmore Girls Episodes may excuse absences like Dean’s, but others will be more noticeable.

Even if most of the cast agrees to return, one second Gilmore Girls The revival will also have difficulty fitting some of the original characters into the story. A year in the life gives most of them a satisfying send-off, and there’s little reason for Rory to continue running into exes like Dean and Jess. Emily also moves to Nantucket, which is not the case to far away, but changes the dynamics of the close-knit Gilmore family.

Should: A modern version of Gilmore Girls could cover certain themes better

The show remains a beloved piece of pop culture, but there are many harsh realities when watching it Gilmore Girls 23 years after his debut. The series is a product of its time and therefore certain storylines have not aged well. Dean’s interactions with Rory are often described as toxic, and he is far from the only character to exhibit problematic behavior. Gilmore Girls also has a surprising lack of diversity, with Rory and Lorelai often belittling other women in the midst of their witty banter. April and Lindsay’s storylines from the original series seem particularly disturbing from a modern perspective.

A more modern interpretation Gilmore Girls could fix some of the problems with the original series by rethinking its approach to certain topics. Unfortunately, A year in the life also had that opportunity and didn’t do much with it, so another revival may not happen either.

That shouldn’t be the case: Gilmore Girls’ setting is perfect, but modernizing it could ruin that

Gilmore Girls is set in the small town of Stars Hollow in the early 2000s and this setting is ideal for the series. There isn’t so much technology that the characters are constantly on their phones, and they often opt for face-to-face interactions, which adds to the small town feel and makes the characters’ moments more intimate.

Continue modernizing Gilmore Girls carries risks, as is clear A year in the life. Even if Gilmore Girls takes place in a fictional city, but is still based in the real world. This makes it difficult to ignore things like technological advances. Depending on when another Gilmore Girls If a revival is planned, it could destroy the calming feeling the series is known for.

Should: Gilmore Girls still has a huge viewership

Even if there are disadvantages compared to the other Gilmore Girls revival, there is little doubt that further episodes will draw in viewers. The original Gilmore Girls still has a huge fan base and many re-watch the show every fall. Given the series’ continued popularity, new content, regardless of what it covers, will be a welcome development.

Those who undertake an annual rewatch of Gilmore Girls will undoubtedly celebrate new content that many have been looking for A year in the life Season 2 since the first revival to begin streaming on Netflix. That alone might justify a sequel, as there’s clearly a demand for more Gilmore antics.

Shouldn’t: More Gilmore Girls risk damaging the legacy of the original series

Just because there is demand Gilmore Girls Resuscitation doesn’t mean it should happen. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life delivers creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s original ending – a conclusion the series was unable to achieve after its cancellation in 2007. Thanks to the Netflix revival, the creator’s vision for the series has finally been fulfilled. Make more Gilmore Girls In hindsight, this risks being undone and damaging the legacy of the original series.

Additionally, A year in the life received mixed reactions from fans. It is clear that the original will continue Gilmore Girls carries risks, just like expanding any major series. It might not be worth it when the original series already has such a solid legacy – one that keeps fans coming back every year, regardless of new episodes.

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