• Disney Channel should consider a successful reboot Cheetah Girls film franchise from the early 2000s, as there is great potential for a modern retelling of the diverse and culturally rich story.
  • A Cheetah Girls reboot could incorporate advances in social media and the internet to enhance global perspectives and examine how the music industry has evolved with platforms like TikTok.
  • Raven-Symoné and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, original cast members, support a possible revival of The Cheetah Girls franchise and are open to working together again, so a reboot with the original stars is possible.

Disney’s remakes may be hit or miss with fans, but there is one Disney Channel Original film from 20 years ago, ideal for a modern reboot. Over the years, Disney has given audiences many live-action adaptations of its classic animated films, some of which did well Maleficentand others that fell a bit flat, like Mulan. There are also Disney favorites that have seen different versions Cinderella reimagined as Enchanted, highlighting the scope for reboots or remakes to explore new angles in an entertaining way. However, the studio has yet to fully realize the potential for success in rebooting some of its biggest Disney Channel original films.

When it comes to Disney Channel reboots, that is is the closest and most notable High School Musical: The Musical: The Serieswhich is inspired by the original trilogy of High School Musical Films. This franchise started in 2006, so it’s now 20 years old, which raises the question of whether there are other DCOM films that deserve a reboot, especially from the same era. While Camp Rock has potential, there is an older three-part film franchise that is even better suited to a current setting.

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A Cheetah Girls reboot could work in a modern setting

The Cheetah Girls The films aired in 2003, 2006 and 2008 and follow the lives of four friends who dream of a musical career as a group. The franchise is a huge success Sequel surpasses High School Musicalis the first number of viewers, with 8.1 million views (via Multichannel News). With the first film set in their hometown of Manhattan, the second in Spain, and the third in India, there is great potential to revisit cultural representation in a modern retelling of the girls’ stories. Likewise, the protagonists were already diverse, but there is room for a reboot to go a step further, be it in the cast or new fictional relationships.

Since the girls take part in a talent show, perform at a music festival and star in a Bollywood film, the Advances in social media and the Internet could expand their reach even further and connection to fans. This can enhance the global perspective of the franchise, as characters can stream, make viral videos, and more while traveling around the globe. For example, while the original film features a major marketing plot revolving around jungle animals, a Cheetah Girls reboot could lean into influencer marketing and brand partnerships, while also exploring how the music industry has changed the way music is consumed and promoted through avenues like TikTok.

1 Original Cheetah Girl supports a revival

Since there is free space to update the story, and previous reboots such as High School Musical: The Musical: The Series With new Disney Channel original songs and casting proving they can quickly become hits with fans, a reboot almost seems too good to pass up. This was revealed by the stars of the series, Raven-Symoné (who played Galleria) and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton (who played Chanel). They are always interested in working together again. Symoné also adds: “I think there’s something wonderful about simply encapsulating something and letting it live. We’re in the age of reboots, darling. We love a fresh start” (about people).

Although Symoné made it clear that she wants to direct more than just act, this opens up an opportunity for the social media-savvy Cheetah Girls to show off their mettle in a reboot and introduce new multi-hyphenate actors, singers and dancers. With The original cast members were apparently open to a possible revival of the franchise The “I can’t ruin the Cheetah Girls“Opportunities could include a new era of The Cheetah Girls Films directed by the original stars. With a timeless message and songs, a reboot of the classic Disney Channel Franchises on streaming seem inevitable.

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