Over 20,000 Afghan refugees have reportedly returned from Iran in the past week.


According to TOLO News, Afghan refugees in Iran are raising concerns about an increase in deportations, arrests and harassment by police.

The Taliban have called on neighboring countries not to deport Afghan refugees. The deportations of Afghan refugees from Pakistan have increased, and Iran has now also initiated forced deportations.

One refugee expressed fear of returning to Afghanistan, citing the recent increase in harassment and deportations.

A member of the Defenders of Afghan Refugees in Iran, Enayatullah Alokozay, said: “There is a forced deportation of Afghan refugees from Iran. This continues and these days the process is moving faster.”

Representatives of Afghan refugees in Iran have criticized the Iranian government and the international community for their perceived lack of support and called on them to address the challenges facing Afghan refugees.

“Afghan refugees are being deported from Iran. The Iranian people and the Iranian government are very repressive towards refugees. Iran expels refugees before winter if it is not right,” said Spogmai Jabbarkhil, an Afghan refugee representative in Iran, according to TOLO News.

“Afghan refugees in Iran face various challenges in the labor market, such as accommodation and lack of identification documents,” said Asefa Stanikzai, refugee affairs analyst.

The Taliban have said that neighboring countries should not forcibly deport Afghan refugees.

“Do not forcibly deport refugees or treat them illegally. Our message to Iran and Pakistan is to be tolerant towards migrants, not to be oppressive and to stop the persecution,” said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.

According to Herat’s Refugee and Repatriation Ministry, over 20,000 Afghan refugees returned from Iran last week, according to TOLO News.

Meanwhile, more than 6,500 Afghan nationals left Pakistan through the Torkham border on Sunday, bringing the number of repatriated Afghans to over 174,350, Pakistan-based Dawn newspaper reported, citing border officials.

Afghan nationals began leaving Pakistan after the government set a deadline for all unregistered foreign nationals to leave Pakistan by October 31. Thereafter, legal action would be taken against them.

According to officials, 174,358 Afghan nationals have left for Afghanistan since September 17. According to officials, the voluntary repatriation is still ongoing; However, the number continues to decrease with each passing day.

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