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The big picture

  • Good burger 2 introduces two stars All that, It adds a nostalgic touch to fans of the Nickelodeon late night show.
  • Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reprise their roles as Dexter and Ed as they try to save their jobs from being taken over by machines.
  • The sequel features guest appearances from various stars, making Dexter and Ed’s second adventure an unpredictable and relevant comedy.

As Good burger 2 is nearing its release date of November 22nd Paramount+, Weekly entertainment has revealed new images from the sequel, which include the introduction of two stars from All thatThe Nickelodeon Late night show for a younger audience. Josh Server And Lori Beth Denberg are supposed to appear in the sequel to Good burger in a story about the two main characters who don’t want to lose their jobs to machines. The future will knock on the restaurant’s door as the friendly chefs return to protect their legacy from the cold threat of automation.

Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell return as Dexter Reed and Ed respectively as they try to save their jobs before it’s too late. The sequel will also be filled with many cameo appearances from a variety of stars including Al Roker, Carmen Elektra And Rob Grongowski. It remains to be seen whether other big names will appear in the duo’s second adventure, because anything can happen in the world surrounding Dexter and Ed. Many people these days fear their profession will be replaced by a machine, which makes the upcoming comedy’s premise relevant to its time.

The original Good burger was published in 1997 and tells the story of how Dexter severely damaged his mother’s car when he took it without permission. To cover the cost of the vehicle, he takes a summer job at a local restaurant, where he befriends Ed. In one story, the main character manages to make more money by selling the sauce he made for his own lunch Linda Cardellini In it he plays a hospital patient who has a crush on Ed. And if that wasn’t enough star power for a small release, Shaquille O’Neal made a special appearance as himself.

The new Nickelodeon on Paramount+

Good burger 2 is just one of the many projects from Nickelodeon’s past that have been revived at Paramount+, with an initiative also included Zoey 102. The reunion film marked the return of Jamie Lynn Spears as the energetic girl attending Pacific Coast Academy High School when she attended the wedding of one of her friends. The other project related to bringing the old Nickelodeon into the present was this iCarly revival that ran for three seasons before being abruptly canceled, leaving the plot on a cliffhanger. Fans of what the channel used to be decades ago can look forward to Paramount+’s programming.

Good burger 2 Premiering on Paramount+ November 22nd:

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