In 2017, an amateur radio enthusiast in Missouri apparently recorded radio transmissions from B-2 bombers simulating attacks on North Korea. According to a report from Vice, the specified targets were referred to as “DPRK VIP” and the messages were not encrypted.

The amateur radio operator lives near Whiteman Air Force Base and broke out his radio when he noticed three bombers flying lower than normal. The radio operator, whose name was not mentioned in the Vice report, reportedly recorded 31 minutes of the transmissions.

The operator, who calls himself HamWa07, told Vice that he thought it was unusual for the bombers to fly so low, and particularly strange that this training mission could be heard by ordinary citizens.

“If you saw them at high altitude, it was unusual as they were at a depth of about 10,000 to 12,000 feet,” he claimed. “A few minutes later another one. Then, a few minutes later, another plane flew over, made a big turn, came the other way and headed back to southern Missouri.”

This apparent training and recording took place in October 2017. The radio operator has just released audio recordings.

“When I first turned on the scanner, they were looking for targets,” HamWa07 claimed. “And they did everything through audio instead of DataLink and encrypted methods and all that stuff that they have access to. This was all obvious. The very first sentence was, “We have a possible VIP from the DPRK,” and they read it out [latitude] And [longitude] and talked about the timing of the backups and all the things they do.”

He said Missouri’s topography reflects North Korea’s terrain, which is an ideal training area for simulated attacks.

Over a two-night period, he recorded numerous audio recordings, mostly silence between conversations. He posted a 31-minute audio clip online, but went back to edit out much of the dead air.

HamWa07 sent his four-minute clip to Aviationist, in which dialogue can clearly be heard.

Donald Trump was US president during this period of apparent training and mocked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump eventually met with Kim twice, including once at the demilitarization zone when Trump invaded North Korea.

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