The United Kingdom is considering extradition of an American driver who fled the country after an accident that left a British nurse unable to walk.

There is mystery as to who exactly the other driver – 22-year-old Issac Calderon – really is, after the crash victim was told by police that he had visited a British Special Forces (SAS) base near Hereford.

Elizabeth Donowho told Sky News she was “devastated” when Calderon, who is accused of causing injury by dangerous driving, failed to appear at a hearing at Kidderminster Magistrates’ Court on December 1. An arrest warrant was issued against him.

According to the Hereford Times, Calderon’s occupation was given in court as “American soldier.”

Ms Donowho – aged 56 and from Malvern in Worcestershire – broke both ankles in the collision and also suffered a broken breastbone and a broken bone in her hand. After the collision, she was unable to walk for six weeks.

It happened on July 31 on the A4103 near Shucwickel in Herefordshire.

Picture: The accident – on the A4103 – left Ms Donowho unable to walk for weeks

She said police officers explained to her that Calderon had driven from Cambridgeshire, where he was based as an American working in this country.

“I was told he was visiting someone at the SAS in Hereford,” she added.

“So there was something like, ‘So that you can understand the nature of the other driver’s work in this country, given that he attended the SAS.’”

“Later they confirmed it [to me] that he worked for the U.S. intelligence community, I think they said intelligence community.”

However, a spokesman for West Mercia Police told Sky News they were not aware of any connection to the SAS base in Hereford, but believed Calderon was in the country on a “work visa”.

In a statement they said: “Mr. Calderon is currently believed to be in the United States.”

“We have worked to reach out to him both directly and through formal channels and we will continue to do so.”

“We are preparing the appropriate documentation in case we need to request extradition to ensure the case can be heard in court.”

Ms Donowho said she “fully expected” the defendant to appear in court.

“The police have assured me that they have spoken to the British military police, who have spoken to the American military police, who have agreed to take all necessary steps to keep the other driver in this country so that he can do it can.” go to court.

“The reason they cited Anne Sacoolas’ case was because they recognized the other driver was a flight risk.”

In 2019, Anne Sacoolas, a US spy, left the UK and claimed diplomatic immunity after she was involved in an accident that killed British teenager Harry Dunn outside an RAF base in Northamptonshire.

Image: Harry Dunn

Sky News understands that there are no issues with diplomatic immunity in this case.

Calderon is believed to have left the UK for the US on November 25 on a commercial flight to Houston, Texas.

A British government spokesman said: “We are concerned by reports that Issac Calderon has not appeared in court to respond to the charges.”

“The public prosecutor’s office is considering the next steps.”

The nurse, who was unable to return to work due to her injuries, said: “I lead a very quiet life, I go to work, come home, go swimming, look after my cats, now I’m in this terrible mess.” .

“It turned out he was able to leave the country before the hearing.

“They were fully aware that he was a flight risk and they knew about the Anne Sacoolas case.”

Sky News has contacted the US State Department and the US Embassy in the UK for comment.

A U.S. Embassy spokesman said: “As a general rule, we do not comment on ongoing litigation in cases involving U.S. citizens.”

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