And just like that…Season 2 finale Spoilers follow.

Kim Cattrall improvised a key moment in her cameo appearance And just like that….

The actress reprized her role as Samantha Jones for a brief moment in the season finale on Thursday (Aug. 24) where she caught up with Carrie Bradshaw on the phone.

While Samantha missed her flight to New York City for Carrie’s farewell dinner at her apartment, she paid up [her] respect’ in a sweet moment to the apartment.

Viewers may have noticed that Samantha’s cameo ended with her kissing her phone after saying goodbye to Carrie – and it turns out that cute moment was entirely Kim Cattrall’s idea.


speaking on the show author room On the podcast, showrunner Michael Patrick King confirmed that Samantha’s goodbye kiss was “not scripted.”

“It was total [an example of] of an actor playing a moment. And it’s really beautiful,” the author remarked.

While Samantha’s on-screen appearance was brief, viewers learned that Miranda and Charlotte had informed them that Carrie was finally moving out of their apartment.

“In my multiverse of And just like that And Sex and the City, [Carrie and Samantha] “We always talk,” King said. “She texts and talks all the time, not only [with] Carrie, but Miranda and Charlotte.’

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Cattrall agreed to appear in the Sex and the City continuing the series despite her alleged long-standing feud with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

Cattrall reportedly filmed her cameo without contact with Parker after HBO head Casey Bloys personally contacted her to film the scene.

Before the final on Thursday, Max officially extended And just like that… for a third season, so there’s a good chance viewers will see Samantha again one day.

And just like thatthe continuation of Sex and the Cityairs on Max in the US and on Sky Comedy and NOW in the UK.

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