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Antoni Porowski is ready for his close-up!

For the past five years, the handsome reality star has captivated audiences with his good looks and culinary skills as part of Netflix’s Fab 5 series Queer eye.

Across 65 episodes, Antoni has showcased his food and wine expertise alongside grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness, design diva Bobby Berk, fashionista Tan France and culture lover Karamo Brown.

Well, the 39-year-old is now leaving his co-hosts for a new show in which he is the lead actor.

On Tuesday, National Geographic announced that he would be the focus of upcoming food and travel documentaries No Taste Like Home with Antoni Porowski.

The show will document how Antoni embarks on an “epic journey to discover the rich heritage of global celebrities through the food traditions, techniques and culinary experiences of their ancestors.”

But he won’t be able to do it all alone. In each episode, Antoni is accompanied by a different celebrity friend who travels to, among other places, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Senegal and Malaysian Borneo.

Will any of him Queer eye Brothers accompany him on this new journey? Maybe, but keep in mind he only invited one of his co-hosts to his bachelorette party. Drama, Henny!

According to the press release, the names of the famous travel friends will be announced on Antoni’s social networks in advance of the show’s launch.

“Food is an essential part of understanding who we are and where we come from,” Antoni said in a prepared statement.

“I am so grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, along with some wonderful new and old friends, traveling the world to make up for all the times I skipped geography class in high school, exploring food traditions and cultures “It’s an honor to embark on this journey with National Geographic.”

While Antoni previously split from his Fab 5 family to host the Netflix cooking competition series Easy Bake Battle (which unfortunately didn’t have any old-fashioned easy-bake ovens!), No Taste Like Home with Antoni Porowski seems like a much bigger deal.

On his Instagram, Antoni shared his excitement about his latest venture, with some wondering what it could mean for the future Queer eye.

“There’s nothing I love more than connecting people through food (and honestly convincing @NatGeoTV to fund my world travels), so I’m embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime, bloody epic adventure with a bunch of friends who you maybe you know exactly that,” he wrote. “Get ready to rekindle your appetite for culinary traditions and culture at No Taste Like Home.”

He concluded by adding, “Here is my next chapter.”

Next chapter?! Is the old chapter finished? Does this mean he grabs a ginger spice and leaves? Queer eye? Is Queer eye Are you coming back for another season?

The reality is unclear. While none of the Queer eye The boys have announced their departure from the group and Netflix still has to extend the hit series for an 8th season. Although Karamo recently revealed that they had already filmed season 8 before the recent WGA and SAG walkouts began in Hollywood earlier this year.

Season 7 premiered in May, so new episodes aren’t expected until next year. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens beyond that.

All the boys have had side projects going for a while now.

Tan is a co-host of Netflix Next up in fashionJVN recently hosted a TV adaptation of his podcast Get curious with Jonathan Van NessKaramo has his eponymous daytime talk show and Bobby just released his new book Right at home: Good design is something for the mind.

The gays are fully booked and busy! Get all the queer coins!

While a premiere date for No Taste Like Home with Antoni Porowski to be announced, let’s enjoy more delicious photos of Antoni from his and his fiancé’s social media pages:

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