APPLE TV+ subscription costs are rising again, but this time alongside the Arcade, News+ and Apple One packages.

The tech giant raised prices for Apple TV+ last year, but quickly followed Netflix and Disney+ in raising prices in October of this year.


Netflix and Disney+ have also increased subscription prices this yearCredit: Alamy

In the UK, Apple TV+ has risen from £6.99 to £8.99, making an annual subscription cost £89.99.

In the US, Apple TV+ subscriptions have increased from $6.99 to $9.99 per month.

For Apple, this corresponds to an inflation-dampening increase of 28.6 percent.

Arcade, Apple’s gaming hub, is also rising from £4.99 to £6.99.

Apple News+ rises from £9.99 to £12.99.

There are now also significantly more Apple One packages that include some or all of Music, Fitness+, News+, TV+ and iCloud storage.

Solo individual packages rise from £16.95 to £18.95, family membership from £22.95 to £24.95 and the Premier package from £32.95 to £36.95.

This follows a separate, silent price increase for iCloud storage in June.

The price increases for existing customers will take effect in 30 days, but new customers will have to accept the increase starting today.

How do the prices compare to Netflix and Disney+?

Last week, Netflix announced it would increase the price of its premium subscription package in the UK, following rumors of a price hike earlier this month.

While Disney+ saw a 37.5 percent increase in its subscriptions earlier this year, effective November 1st.

Let’s take a look at the price comparison.


Standard with Ads (originally introduced last year as “Basic with Ads”)

  • £4.99 ($6.99) per month
  • 1080p image quality
  • No downloads yet
  • Your date of birth is used to personalize advertising
  • Add an external user for a fee
  • Watch on two devices at the same time

Basic (only existing customers)

  • Now £7.99 ($11.99) per month
  • No advertising
  • Watch on one device
  • Not available to new or rejoining subscribers.


  • £10.99 ($15.49) per month
  • 1080p image quality
  • Downloads allowed
  • No advertising
  • Add an additional external user for a fee
  • Watch on two devices at the same time


  • £17.99 ($23) per month
  • No advertising
  • Watch on four devices at once
  • Watch in Ultra HD
  • Download it on six devices at once
  • Add two additional non-household users for a fee


Simply with advertising

  • £4.99 ($7.99) per month
  • 1080p picture quality, but 4K and HDR on select titles
  • Stream on four devices simultaneously
  • Add up to seven profiles


  • £10.99 ($13.99) per month or £109.90 ($139.99) annually
  • No advertising
  • 4K UHD and HDR image quality
  • Stream on four devices simultaneously
  • Add up to seven profiles
  • Unlimited downloads
  • GroupWatch function



  • £8.99 ($9.99) per month or £89.99 ($99)
  • No advertising
  • Watch on six devices at once
  • Watch the video in 4K HDR
  • Share the subscription with up to five people

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