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  • One piece Fans can expect the characters’ personalities to be reflected in the figureheads of their pirate ships.
  • The Aries figurehead on the Going Merry represents the indomitable, brave and laughing spirit of the protagonist, Luffy.
  • The striking duck figurehead on Alvida’s ship in the live-action series reflects her elegance and beauty as well as her unique personality.

It doesn’t matter which gate you enter through One piece World: manga, anime or Netflix live-action series. One thing you’ll notice across all media is that the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy (Inaki Godoy) is a force to be reckoned with. With unrelenting optimism, a spirit of adventure, and a slight naivety in dangerous situations, Luffy greatly ups the overall tone of the story and as a production designer Richard Bridgeland said Collider’s mike thomashe knew he had to summarize that.

One possibility was to reflect Luffy’s personality on the figurehead of his ship, the Going Merry. Bridgland revealed that he realized that the ship’s figureheads in the manga reflected the spirit of each individual captain, so this was the perfect opportunity to work on the ram’s head:

“[T]It was actually the hardest and most important thing of the whole show to get it right because this figurehead kind of embodied Luffy’s character. He’s invincible, you know, he’s brave. He also laughs a lot and he laughs in the face of danger. So there was this ram head in the manga, but I wanted to turn it into a real ram head, but it had to be a laughing ram because that’s the spirit of Luffy; It’s an Aries because it’s indomitable and brave, but it laughs. And then I kind of wanted to take it from the manga by giving it the same eyes that were in the manga.”

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One Piece fans should keep an eye out for the pirate ships’ “personalities.”

Bridgland also highlighted Alvida’s duck figurehead (Ilia Isorelýs Paulino) Schiff, and called it “amazing” and “one-of-a-kind” because “it has all the elegance and beauty that she really thinks she has, and actually, in a way, really has because of the way she carries herself.” .” In the manga and anime series, Alvida’s ship has a distinct duck figurehead with giant hearts instead of eyes and a really long neck. The ship is also predominantly pink – a color that’s uncommon for ships, let alone pirate ships, so it’ll be fun to see how it translates to the live-action format.

However, we already know what “Going Merry” looks like. So the series premiere is all about looking at the figurehead from every possible angle and realizing that, as Bridgland pointed out, it actually reflects Luffy’s personality.

Netflix premieres One piece this Thursday, August 31st. You can check out the latest trailer below (and keep an eye out for the ram’s head in Going Merry):

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