Austin Butler reflects on his time filming The Bike Ridersincluding memorable and dangerous moments.

During a recent conversation with Josh Brolin for Interview magazineThe Elvis Star chatted about the upcoming film, directed by Jeff Nichols, which follows the rise of a Midwestern motorcycle club through the lives of its members.

“There’s also this trust when we’re riding our bikes down a small street in these groups of 40 and you think, ‘If anyone had an accident right now, we’d all fall over,’” Butler said. “And we don’t wear helmets and drive through cornfields as fast as we can.”

Brolin, who is personally a big fan of motorcycles, further joked, “Doesn’t seem like the most sensible thing to do.”

“I honestly don’t know how they insured the film.” The Carrie Diaries Actors added. “And if you also drive behind a picture car, pebbles will be thrown at your face, so you’ll get hit in the eyes by stones. It was so powerful.”

Compared to some of his other current projects, such as the Baz Luhrmann biopic Elvis and Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming Dune: Part TwoButler was able to experience something new The Bike Riders.

“It was just incredible to be able to ride my motorcycle through Cincinnati and those cornfields,” he remembers. “You know how it feels when the wind blows in your hair. You feel like you’re putting God at the center.”

Butler said that the film’s cast, which includes Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy, Michael Shannon, Mike Faist, Boyd Holbrook and Damon Herriman, “was a great group.” I wish you [Brolin] could have been out there on the street.”

The Bike Riders is currently undated as its theatrical release was delayed due to the ongoing actors’ strike.

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