Not all car dealers are scum, but this one certainly is; A former Austin Volkswagen and Toyota dealer funded a multimillion-dollar plot that ended with the deaths of two people in Tennessee.

Erik Maund met and struck up a relationship with Holly Williams, who worked as an escort, while he was visiting his son in college. Her sometime friend and perpetrator William Lanway found out about the rendezvous and tracked down Maund. He demanded $25,000 from the wealthy Texan in exchange for not telling his family about his time with Williams. Maund then hired a private security firm to facilitate the surveillance and eventual kidnapping and murder of Williams and Lanway.

A federal jury in Nashville found Maund and former U.S. Marines Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey guilty of the murders of Williams and Lanway. Sentencing will take place sometime in 2024, but the trio could face life in prison. A fourth co-conspirator, formal Israel Defense Forces agent Gilad Peled, pleaded guilty last year and cooperated with the investigation to obtain a reduced sentence.

A few weeks after Maund’s last visit to Williams in February 2020, Lanway tracked him down using his cell phone number (he used a fake name) and threatened to reveal his affair to Maund’s wife. At this point, Maund contacted Peled to investigate his blackmailer. After several days of the intelligence-gathering portion of the mission turning up nothing of interest, Brockway suggested that he and Carey could kill Lanway in exchange for $100,000 each. According to Peled’s testimony, Maund was only too happy to accept the suggestion.

On March 13, Brockway and Carey killed Lanway in Williams’ apartment and then drove the body and Williams to a construction site. According to police, Williams was shot at the construction site and both bodies were placed in an Acura TL and pushed into a ditch next to the construction site’s gravel road. Maund left a five-star review for SpearTip Security on Google. “Speartip is very professional and top. They get the job done in no time. I couldn’t imagine using anyone else!!’ Good job on the murder!

“It won’t bring Holly and William back, but they now know that the people who murdered them will be held accountable for their actions,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Rob McGuire.

Maund is clearly the type of man who thought that enough money could solve his problems. At the time of her murder, Williams was 33 years old and working as a medical esthetician. This conspiracy was hatched by five men who believed their lives were insignificant. The man who had spent a night with her just a month earlier paid $955,000 to take her life. Two men who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution accepted $100,000 each to take the lives of two people without due process.

Erik Maund’s grandfather Charles Maund founded the dealer network in 1957, and all remaining members of the network were sold by Charles Maund’s son Doug last year. Charles Maund Volkswagen sold to Vanguard Automotive Group last year, and Charles Maund Toyota was renamed Toyota of North Austin, now a member of Group 1 Automotive Inc.

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