• “Big Brother Reindeer Games,” a holiday special, features nine former legendary players competing for a $100,000 prize over six episodes.
  • The two-hour premiere of Reindeer Games airs on Monday, December 11, followed by six episodes in two weeks.
  • The Reindeer Games cast includes previous winners, fan favorites and legendary players from various seasons, making for an exciting Big Brother Christmas special.

Big Brother comes back sooner than expected Reindeer games. The popular reality competition show premiered nearly two decades ago and has since become a cultural phenomenon. It has spawned hundreds of episodes and countless unforgettable moments. Recently CBS aired Big Brother Season 25 in early August 2023. The latest edition started with a bang as contestants competed for the grand prize of $750,000. It featured a new twist on time travel that set it apart from the other seasons.

While Big Brother Season 25 is excellent, but not the best the series has produced. Over the past 23 years, the legendary reality TV franchise has released some entertaining seasons that fans still remember. An example is Big Brother Season 14, which premiered in 2012. The season was full of iconic moments like Dan Gheesling’s funeral and Willy Hantz’s eviction. Furthermore, the high ratings prove that it is still worth watching. Another memorable season was Big Brother Season 4 from 2003, which is still raved about today. However, fans of the hit reality TV series won’t have to wait much longer for a specific part of the series.


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News about Big Brother Reindeer Games

Big Brother is a successful show that has not slowed down in the last 20 years. Instead, the channel has continually updated the show’s format to keep it fresh and relevant. The success of the reality TV show proves this Big Brother Season 26 will be released sooner or later. However, a holiday special has been announced Reindeer games coming on Monday, December 11th.

Is Big Brother Reindeer Games confirmed?

On Thursday, December 7, CBS confirmed that nine former Big Brother The cast fights in a holiday special called “ Reindeer games. While fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement Big Brother Season 26 after the conclusion of season 25 is perfect Big Brother Fix to get viewers through the holidays.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Release Date

CBS confirmed this on December 7th Big Brother Reindeer Games will premiere Monday, December 11th from 9-11pm ET on CBS. The two-hour premiere will be followed by six episodes in two weeks as a Christmas special. The show will be available to stream on Paramount+ on Demand for viewers with a Showtime subscription. The six episodes air on Mondays, December 11th and 18th from 9-11pm ET, Tuesdays, December 12th and 19th from 8-9pm ET and Thursdays, December 14th and 21st from 8-9pm ET airs.

Big Brother Reindeer Games cast

Big Brother Reindeer Games invited nine former legendary players, including previous winners, to compete in six episodes for a $100,000 prize. The nine players include Cory Calafiore (winner of Season 16, Season 22), Nicole Franzel (winner of Season 16, Season 18, Season 22), Frankie Grande (Winner of Season 16), Taylor Hale (winner of Season 24 and America’s Favorite Player), fan favorite Cameron Hardin (Season 25, America’s Favorite Player), Britney Haynes (Season 12, America’s Favorite Player, Season 14), Josh Martinez (Winner of Season 19), Xavier Prather ( Winner of season 23) and Danielle Reyes (seasons 3 and 7). With such a variety of players Reindeer games will definitely be great Big Brother Holiday special.

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