Taylor Swift remained box office queen for the second week in a row as AMC’s The Eras Tour grossed $32 million in its second year – a steep -66% drop to be sure, but the film has $131.1 million in the US grossed US dollars, per deadline. So don’t feel sorry for the pop star.

Martin Scorsese’s three-hour-plus R-rated drama “Killers of the Flower Moon” also performed strongly with an opening weekend of $23 million. According to the trade, this is a solid start for Apple’s $200 million Oscar contender. How? Well, the tech giant sees the image as a way to promote its brand and only accounts for a small percentage of its overall sales.

Compared to Oppenheimer’s $82.4 million, R-rated opening film of more than three hours, the performance of “Killers of the Flower Moon” – a film co-directed by A-listers Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro one of the greatest directors of all time – but lean. has to be considered disappointing, right? Especially given the high price.

On the other hand, this could attract more viewers to Apple’s streaming service. So who knows?

Overall, the box office total is 86.8 million US dollars, 24% less than in the same period last year. Hopefully the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy’s will get October off to a good start.

Box office results: Top 10

1.) Taylor Swift: Eras Tour (AMC) 3,855 theaters, Fri $10.4M (-72%), $13.3M Sun $8.8M, 3-day $32.4M ( -66%)/Total $131.1M/Week 2

2.) Killers of the Flower Moon (Apple/Par) 3,628 theaters Fri $9.4m, Sat $8.1m Sun $5.5m 3 days $23m/week 1

3.) Exorcist: The Believer (Uni) 3,323 (-361) Theaters Fri $1.68M (-56%) Sat $2.4M Sun $1.4M 3 Days $5.6M , -49%, Total $54.2M/Week 3

4.) Paw Patrol 2 (Par) 3,364 (-343) Theaters, Fri $1.15M (-26%) Sat $2M Sun $1.2M 3 Days $4.4M (- 36%) Total $56M/week 4

5.) Nightmare Before Christmas (re) (Dis) 1,650 cinemas, Fri $1.45m Sat $1.6m Sun $1m 3 days $4.1m/total run time $81.4m /Week 1

6.) Saw

7.) The Creator (New Reg./20th) 2,490 theaters (-470), Fri $750,000 (-36%) Sat $1.1M Sun $700,000 3 days $2.6M (-39% ), Total $36.7M/Week 4

8.) Leo: Bloody Sweet (Prath) 720 Cinemas Fri $732,000 Sat $816,000 Sun $530,000 3 Days $2.05M Total $4.6M/Week 1

9.) A Haunting in Venice (Dis) 1,600 (-690) Theaters Fri $350,000 (-40%) Sat $450,000 Sun $300,000 3 Days $1.1M (-41%)/Total $40.9M .$/week 6

10.) The Blind (Fath) 1,049 Theaters (-101) Fri $320,000 Sat $394,000 Sun $296,000 3 Days $1M (-48%) Total $15.6M/Week 4

Source : www.comingsoon.net

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