Mari Dinjaku has been linked to multiple burglaries.

A serial burglar responsible for a series of “sophisticated” break-ins at various locations around the UK, stealing more than £800,000 ($1,009,132) worth of items, was eventually caught based on an electronic tag found in the stolen luggage.

Mari Dinjaku, 38, was arrested at his home in Wokingham, Berkshire. This breakthrough was made using an Apple AirTag discreetly placed in a suitcase stolen in a burglary 15 miles from Dinjaku’s home.

A burglary was reported in Woking on January 5, according to Surrey Police. The property was searched and a light green suitcase, clothing and jewelry were stolen. An Apple AirTag left in the suitcase helped officers trace Dinjaku’s home address, where he was arrested. A search also found walkie-talkies, forged documents, a large quantity of multi-currency cash, gloves and face coverings, and 15 cell phones, one of which was in the area of ​​the Woking burglary at the time.

Police further mentioned that Dinjaku was also forensically linked to two vehicles near his home address. One of these was linked to a second burglary in Farnham in December 2022, in which a car and two safes containing jewelery were stolen – a loss estimated at more than £350,000. A walkie-talkie was recovered from this address, which was the same make and model as the unit recovered at Wokingham, with a single walkie-talkie missing.

Dinjaku was sentenced to six years in prison for his involvement in a conspiracy to commit burglaries in Surrey and Manchester.

Investigating officer PC Tom Hinch said: “Mari Dinjaku caused significant distress and financial loss to the victims he burgled. They were serious crimes committed with great planning and disregard for the repercussions that breaking into a person’s home can have. He did.” was rightly sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment. We continue to prosecute criminals conspiring to commit crimes of this nature in Surrey.”

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