He stabbed the man four times before fleeing the scene

A man in Britain killed his daughter’s father-in-law after a family dispute over wedding gifts. Ahmad Alsino, 43, stabbed dentist Mohammed Salem Ibrahim, 55, four times with a kitchen knife at the victim’s home in Caste Vale, Birmingham.

Accordingly The IndependentAlsino also slammed his daughter’s husband, Aram Ibrahim, after an argument broke out over gold jewelry given to the couple as a wedding gift. Mr Alsino was found guilty of Ibrahim’s murder following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

A video of the incident was posted on X by Birmingham Police. In the horrific clip, Alsino can be seen kicking at Mr Ibrahim’s front door armed with a knife. He stabbed the man four times before fleeing the scene at 1pm on March 13. However, he was arrested at his home about 40 minutes later.

A plastic bag containing two knives was found in his car.

The defendant denied murder, attempted murder and possession of a bladed article but was convicted on all three counts. BBC reported.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment for his murder. At his sentencing he was told that he would serve a minimum sentence of 26 years following his conviction for attempted murder.

He was also found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court last month, the media outlet reported.

Detective Damian Forrest said his decision to carry and use a knife led to the death of a father. “His actions, rightly brought to justice, underscore the irreversible impact that such dangerous decisions can have,” he said.

“We know that nothing will ever bring Mr Ibrahim back, but we hope this verdict will provide some comfort to his family and friends.”

Source : www.ndtv.com

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