The 82-year-old shared pictures of her vacation with her Instagram followers

Global businesswoman and author Martha Stewart has faced internet backlash after using a “small iceberg” to chill her cocktail during a luxury cruise from Iceland to Greenland.

The 82-year-old shared pictures from her vacation to her Instagram followers and said she caught an iceberg for the cocktail.

“We actually caught a little iceberg for our cocktails tonight,” she captioned her post.

In the pictures posted by the businesswoman, she can be seen posing with her drink. The second picture shows two chunks of ice on top of a black cart, possibly the one she used to cool her drink.

See the post here:

After uploading the images to Instagram, her post received disapproving comments from followers. Many pointed to the ongoing climate crisis.

One user wrote: “In general I love Martha and the excesses of her life because it’s all about beautiful gardens, houses and food, but wealthy white people who sip their iceberg cocktails while the planet is on fire are a bit deaf.”

Another user wrote, “Martha, the ice caps melt, don’t put them in your drink.”

“Martha, I love you. But weren’t you talking about climate change while you were washing up in your driveway in New York? Melting icebergs for a cocktail sure isn’t going to help. I won’t even talk about the boat you have.” “It’s moving on and that can’t be good for climate change either,” commented the third user.

“As the climate warms from the profits of a few thousand people, billionaires vacation to the melting icebergs, scooping them up and using them to keep their cocktails cold. That sounds like a line from a dystopian novel. I can’t do this. “Shit lol,” wrote the fourth user on Instagram.

“You should have left the ice where it was. You’ve heard about global warming, haven’t you,” commented the fifth user.

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