With the holiday season not so far away, it’s time for all of our favorite cast members to put on their finest Santa hats and venture into the snowy world of Christmas movies. In recent years, such as… Emilia Clarke, Lindsay Lohan, David HarbourAnd Ryan Reynolds have in this genre with films like Last Christmas, Falling in love with Christmas, Violent nightAnd Spirited. This year the baton was handed over Saturday Night Live Alumni and all-around Hollywood legend Eddie Murphy.

From an animated donkey to a human-shaped robot controlled by miniature humans, Eddie Murphy has tackled many strange challenges throughout his career with his eclectic mix of characters, with his starring role in the upcoming film Candy Cane Alley just another feather in his illustrious hat. As the hype surrounding the film begins to brew like homemade hot cocoa, here’s everything we know Candy Cane Alley until now.

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Candy Cane Alley

Release date January 12, 2023

director Reginald Hudlin

Pour Eddie Murphy, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jillian Bell, Nick Offerman, Ken Marino, Robin Thede, Chris Redd, DC Young Fly, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, Danielle Pinnock

Evaluation PG

Main genre Christmas

Genres Family, comedy, adventure, fantasy

writer Kelly Younger

Studio(s) Imagine entertainment

Sales partner Amazon MGM Studios

When is the release date for Candy Cane Lane?

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Candy Cane Alley will be released in cinemas worldwide on December 1, 2023, making it the perfect film to start your festive viewing month.

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Where can you watch “Candy Cane Lane”?

Candy Cane Alley will be available exclusively on Prime Video. For those without a subscription, Prime Video is available for $8.99 per month. Alternatively, it’s part of the full Prime package and costs $14.99 per month.

Is there a trailer for “Candy Cane Lane”?

Yes; the official trailer for Candy Cane Alley arrived on October 12th and you can see it in all its festive glory above.

The trailer is full of Christmas magic, with Eddie Murphy clearly flexing his comedic chops and making us all choke with laughter over our mince pies. Chaos is the order of the day and Murphy’s competitive Chris Carver appears to be signing his life away as the supposed happiest time of the year appears to be testing his festive patience. The soundtrack in the trailer gives modern music a Christmas feel and clearly illustrates what this narrative will achieve.

Who plays the lead role in “Candy Cane Lane”?

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Starring iconic Eddie Murphy as the tyrannical Christmas decorator Chris, Candy Cane Alley also stars Tracee Ellis Ross (Black), as Chris’ wife Carol, their three children Joy (Genneya Walton), Nick (Thaddeus J. Mixson) and Holly (Madison Thomas), as well as Jillian Bell (Brittany is running a marathon) as the scheming elf Pepper. In addition to this talented comedic leading lady, there are ensemble roles for the likes of: Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Robin Thede (A Black Lady sketch show), Chris Redd (Saturday Night Live), Ken Marino (The other two), DC Young Fly (House party), Danielle Pinnock (Ghosts), Nancy Lenehan (Bless this chaos), And Anjelah Johnson Reyes (I still believe).

What is “Candy Cane Lane” about?

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The official plot summary for Candy Cane Alley reads like this:

Eddie Murphy stars in this holiday comedy about a man who wants to win his neighborhood’s annual Christmas home decorating contest. After Chris (Eddie Murphy) accidentally makes a deal with a mischievous elf named Pepper (Jillian Bell) to increase his chances of winning, she casts a spell that brings the 12 Days of Christmas to life and wreaks havoc throughout the city. At the risk of ruining the holidays for his family, Chris, his wife Carol (Tracee Ellis Ross) and their three children must race against time to break Pepper’s spell, fight dastardly magical characters and make Christmas for everyone rescue.

A plot full of wonder and whimsy, in which clearly important Christmas movie themes play an important role in the narrative, with Chris’ determination to win causing him to lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. The concept of bringing the 12 Days of Christmas to life may not be new, but the opportunity to see such an impressive comedy cast do it is guaranteed to bring plenty of laughs.

Who makes “Candy Cane Lane”?

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I’m not satisfied with just the lead role Candy Cane AlleyEddie Murphy also produces, among others Brian Grazer, Karen LunderAnd Charisse Hewitt Websterwith Doug Merrifield as executive producer. With music composed by Marcus Miller (Marshall), the script, written by Kelly Younger (The Muppets’ Haunted House), actually began as a screenplay inspired by Younger’s own childhood spent wandering the real Candy Cane Lane in El Segundo, California during the holidays. Director: Veteran Reginald Hudlin (Marshall), Candy Cane Alley actually sees Hudlin reunite with Eddie Murphy and the aforementioned Brian Grazer for the first time in 30 years since their 1992 hit. boomerang. Speaking about her long-overdue professional return, Hudlin said: “Now we live in Los Angeles as family people and we both love Christmas. That’s why we’re once again making a film that really reflects where we are in our lives – it shows in the work.”

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Where was “Candy Cane Lane” filmed?

Filming for the project took place in Los Angeles for almost three months in December 2022.

More Christmas movies to watch on Prime

Image via Paramount Pictures

While you wait for the release of Candy Cane AlleyAnd for those in need of an early dose of Christmas cheer, there are now two more wonderfully festive options on Prime Video for your viewing pleasure.

It’s a beautiful life (1946) – Perhaps the quintessential holiday film, It’s a beautiful life Stars James Stewart as depressed businessman George, who, after being shown by a heavenly angel what life would be like without him, has his faith in family, life and Christmas restored. A story of hope and happiness, It’s a beautiful life is sure to bring tears to your eyes as you’re reminded of what makes the festive season so special.

Watch on Prime Video

Your Christmas or mine? (2022) – A current holiday hit, Your Christmas or mine? Stars Sformer training‘S Asa Butterfield and the ever-talented one Cora Kirk as a young couple in love who, after each trying to surprise the other, accidentally switch Christmases, resulting in chaos. Warm and hilarious, Your Christmas or mine? was such a success that a sequel is already on the way and a streaming release is expected in time for Christmas.

Watch on Prime Video

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