A group of tourists in Venice were thrown into the icy waters of the famous canal after overturning their gondola, The Guardian reported, citing local media.

Videos shared on TikTok and Instagram show the group in the water after their gondola capsized near the historic city’s St. Mark’s Square.

The group of Chinese tourists reportedly ignored their gondolier’s requests to sit and continued moving while taking photos of the famous city.

The gondolier attempted a difficult maneuver when trying to steer the gondola under a bridge. All passengers on board had to distribute their weight evenly across the ship. But they kept shuffling around until it finally capsized.

The tourists eventually managed to exit the canal safely and were cared for at the nearby La Fenice theater.

The Venice Gondolier Association did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Climate demonstrators are greening the Grand Canal in Venice

The Venice Gondoliers Association has taken measures in recent years to reduce the capacity of its boats to accommodate “overweight” tourists, The Guardian reported.

Venice’s canals are overcrowded due to increasing tourist numbers. In recent years, the sometimes bad behavior of tourists has been documented on the Instagram account Venezia Non è Disneyland (Venice is not Disneyland).

In March, the mayor of Venice said he wanted to give a tourist a “certificate of stupidity” and “a lot of kicks” after he jumped from a three-story building into a canal.

The unique city built on a lagoon is 2.7 square miles but hosted nearly 13 million tourists in 2019, according to BBC News, according to the Italian Statistical Institute.

Starting in 2024, Venice, an extraordinary architectural masterpiece and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will charge day-trippers five euros ($5.39) during peak times to curb mass tourism.

Source : www.scmp.com

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