Colorado State coach Jay Norvell made the strange decision to give Colorado coach Deion Sanders a lesson in etiquette just days before the teams played in the latest edition of the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

Based on what Norvell said about Sanders wearing a hat and sunglasses at press conferences, it sounds like Sanders and the Buffaloes wanted to teach Norvell and the Rams a different lesson Saturday night in Boulder.

No. 18 Colorado (2-0) has won the last five games against its in-state rival (most recently in 2019) and is 67-22-2 in the series. Colorado State (0-1) hasn’t had a winning season since 2017 and is a 23½-point underdog according to FanDuel.

But hey, at least Norvell’s mom taught him some manners…or something like that.

On his weekly radio show Wednesday, Norvell made a thinly veiled reference to the Pro Football Hall of Famer.

Norvell referenced an ESPN interview he did before the game and said, “I took off my hat and glasses. I said, ‘When I talk to adults, I take off my hat and glasses.’ My mother taught me that.’”

The live audience who attended the recording loved the Barb. Sanders may have loved it too – for motivational reasons, although he certainly didn’t show it when he addressed his players on Thursday.

“I’m minding my own business, watching film, trying to get ready, trying to get out here and be the best coach I can be, and I look up and read some nonsense they once said about us said again,” said Sanders, wearing a hat and sunglasses.

“Why do you want to talk about us when we don’t talk about anyone? All we do is go out here, work our butts off and do our job on Saturday. But when they gave us ammunition, did they mess around and make something out of it?”

“Personal!” His players reacted.

Sanders continued: “It was just supposed to be a good game and they messed around and got it done?”

“Personal!” his players replied.

Coach Prime was on the right track: “It was supposed to be a great job – a battle for Colorado – but they messed around and got it done?”

“Personal!” said his players.

Sanders smiled, nodded and replied, “That’s right.”

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