A new royal book has been pulled from shelves in the Netherlands after reports it named a member of the monarchy, raising questions about the skin color of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son Archie before his birth.

Xander Uitgevers, who published the Dutch-translated version of “Endgame” by U.S.-based British journalist Omid Scobie, said on Tuesday that it was “temporarily” withdrawing it from bookstores in the country.

In a statement on its website, it added: “There was an error in the Dutch translation which is currently being corrected.”

In the book, Mr Scobie makes several claims about how and why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit their roles as royals.

These include allegations that two people named in private letters between Charles and Meghan raised questions about Archie’s skin color.

In the English-language version of the book, Mr. Scobie writes: “But in the pages of these private letters two identities were revealed. Laws in the UK prevent me from reporting who they were.”

The author is said to be close to Harry and Meghan and was co-author of “Finding Freedom,” a biography of the Sussexes that describes the couple in glowing terms.

The royal couple first claimed that a member of the royal family asked about their son’s skin color in a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

They claimed an unknown member of the monarchy – but neither the late queen nor her husband, the late Duke of Edinburgh – had, as Meghan said, “raised concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he is born.”

After the book was withdrawn in the Netherlands, Mr Scobie told Dutch television channel RTL Boulevard: “The book is available in several languages ​​and unfortunately I don’t know Dutch, so I haven’t seen the copy myself, but if it’s there.” If translation errors have occurred, I am sure that the publisher has them under control.

“I edited and wrote the English version, there has never been a version I have produced that has names in it.”

Endgame has caused controversy in the UK over several claims about working royals.

The Princess of Wales has been accused of being “cold” and ignoring the Duchess of Sussex’s “cries for help”.

In the book, a “source” claims that Kate “can be cold when she doesn’t like someone,” and the author continues, “This is a side of Kate that is rarely written about.”

“Advocating for mental health – including maternal mental health, for that matter – but ignoring her own sister-in-law’s cries for help seemed out of character for someone the public knew to be kind and approachable.”

The king’s relationship with his eldest son, the Prince of Wales, is also being examined, with a “source” making a scathing comment on the heir to the throne’s opinion of his father.

The source said: “Frankly, William (doesn’t) believe his father is competent enough. Although they have common passions and interests, their leadership style is completely different.”

Mr Scobie also accuses the king of “incompetence” over the Sussexes’ departure as working royals and claims there is “distrust and simmering hostility” between him and William.

Other claims include that there is a rift between the King and the Prince of Wales, that the Queen has “quietly thanked Piers Morgan for defending the company” and that a shy Princess of Wales needs to be encouraged to attend engagements.

Mr Scobie’s book makes a number of allegations against the Sussexes – including that William and other family members “secretly sanctioned” information about Harry being leaked to reporters, and that the older brother ignored text messages from Harry when the family reported the late Queen died last year and that Charles and Meghan exchanged letters following her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The book’s full title is Endgame: Inside The Royal Family And The Monarchy’s Fight For Survival, and its chapters include “Race And The Royals: Institutional Bigotry And Denial” and another titled “Gloves On: Prince William, Heir To The Thrones”.

The publication follows the release of Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” in January, which made a number of explosive claims about the royal family, including claims that he was physically assaulted by his older brother.

Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace declined to comment.

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