• Barry Allen’s comedic personality sometimes crosses the line into creepy, as shown in a deleted scene in which a young Flash falls in love with Supergirl.
  • The deleted scene adds weight to the surprise villain twist at the end, but also shows Barry in an unflattering light with awkward shots of Supergirl sleeping.
  • Despite the awkward presentation, Barry’s romantic feelings for Supergirl in the deleted scene add context and depth to the film’s climax, showing his ongoing torment and love for her.

Barry Allen has always been one of the funnier characters in the DCEU, but a deleted scene from The Lightning shows that his cheerful personality can sometimes cross the line into creepy. Most of them The LightningThe best parts of the situation comedy come from the older Barry Allen’s confrontation with his younger self. Even though Barry already wears his heart on his sleeve, he’s a little surprised at how difficult it can be to come to terms with himself. A deleted scene from the film shows young Flash falling in love with Supergirl, and while it’s pretty creepy, it actually helps The LightningThe ending makes a little more sense.

The scene, which takes place right after the young and older Flash and Batman rescue Supergirl from captivity, was uploaded to YouTube and it’s clear why the scene was cut. Even though the surprising villain twist at the end adds a little more seriousness, Barry appears in an unflattering light.

In the scene, Supergirl is sleeping on a table at Wayne Manor after overexerting herself during her prison escape. While she sleeps, the younger Barry covers her with a blanket, stares at her for a few beats too long, and then confesses his love for her to his older self. The scene contains a few funny jokes like “I just feel like I understand all these Beatles songs now…“But the repeated shots of her sleeping body while Barry talks about how beautiful she is are actually quite uncomfortable. Luckily, the older Barry seems to find the comments quite unpleasant and tells his younger self that he’s not in love.

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How Supergirl’s Deleted Scene Improves The Flash

While it’s a little unsettling to see Barry Allen gushing over Supergirl while she lies unconscious, the revelation that he has romantic feelings for her still makes it clear The LightningIt ends a little better. In the climactic battle pitting the original Flash, Young Flash, Batman and Supergirl against Zod’s Kryptonian army, the latter two die, prompting Flash to use his time travel ability to return and attempt to keep them alive . Despite Flash’s best efforts, the two keep dying. The original Barry eventually realizes that there is no way to save her, but the younger Barry becomes obsessed with it.

The younger Barry travels The Lightning He appeared in the film’s timeline for decades, reliving the fight to save Supergirl and Batman, and eventually becoming disfigured and corrupted into the Dark Flash. His willingness to endure years of incredible torment for people he barely knows is made all the stronger when he knows he’s in love with Supergirl. The LightningThe deleted scene may reveal this affection in an unflattering way, but it adds welcome context and depth to the film’s climax.

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