The emergency services maintained communication with the trapped person by telephone

A 23-year-old customer was forced to spend nearly ten hours in a massive vault in Manhattan’s Diamond District. As reported by , the customer became trapped in the building at 580 Fifth Avenue around 7 p.m. and was finally freed around 6 a.m. Wednesday ABC News.

The customer was reportedly in the vault trying to get to his locker when he got stuck.

According to official reports, employees in the building closed the vault without knowing the customer was still inside. It was a timed vault, meaning it ran on a timer and the door could only be opened at a certain time.

“When the safe was closed, there was a customer in the safe. Once closed, it runs on a time mechanism. The vault will not reopen until a certain amount of time has passed,” FDNY Chief John Sarrocco told ABC News.

FDNY and NYPD officers spent nearly 10 hours breaking into the vault, police said New York Post.

Mr. Sarrocco disclosed that they had to break through about 30 inches of concrete to the metal coating of the vault.

The emergency services maintained telephone contact with the trapped person and were able to see him on camera.

Then “the vault opened on its own – it worked through a time mechanism – and he was just released from the vault,” Mr Sarrocco said.

The safe opened automatically and the customer was eventually released.

According to the DGA Securities According to the website, the vault “provides the security, services and tools you need to conduct business in today’s Diamond District.”

“The vault is protected by the DGA’s network of security and surveillance systems and is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” it said.

“With unparalleled protection and impeccable office amenities, this is your one place to have it all.”

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