Netflix has released the first official teaser trailer for Millie Bobby Brown’s upcoming fantasy film maid at Geeked Week 2023.

It’s in the clip Stranger Things The actress must avoid a dragon in its lair or die trying. She is seen scaling a treacherous dragonglass-encrusted opening while Queen Isabelle (Robin Wright) calmly encourages her to accept her sacrifice. You can watch the trailer above.

Brown plays Princess Elodie, who agrees to marry a prince charming only to realize she has been tricked into being sacrificed to a dragon to give the royal family a chance to repay an old debt. She must fight to survive or pay the ultimate price.

Damsel was written by Dan Mazeau and directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Intact, Linked). It is scheduled to be released in 2024, but the exact release date has not yet been determined.

“We were very lucky to have Millie,” Fresnadillo told Tudum. “She is a very charismatic, radiant personality. She has that quality that only stars have, namely that you can’t take your eyes off her. She has the ability in this film to magically involve the audience in her journey and take them into the dark, intense and exciting adventure she is experiencing. She is the heart of the film.”

In addition to Brown and Wright, the film also stars Angela Bassett as Elodie’s stepmother Lady Bayford, Ray Winstone as the king, Nick Robinson as Prince Henry and Shohreh Aghdashloo in an unknown role.

“This is a journey that will take you to a universe you thought you knew. But we are discovering a new take on fairy tales and fantasy adventures,” says Fresnadillo, who hopes viewers will keep an open mind while following his fantasy, which is somewhat “grounded in reality.”

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