Dead by Daylight has become a horror fan’s treasure trove of great crossovers with genre kings. The latest addition features content inspired by 1979’s Alien, great for 4v1 survival. Crafted with incredible respect and love for the source material, this is the best Dead by Daylight chapter yet.

The real star of the Dead by Daylight Alien DLC is the Xenomorph, a new playable killer for the game. Behavior Interactive did an excellent job of capturing the fear of the original film – a seemingly invincible beast that stalks its prey and appears out of nowhere to wreak terror and damage. Possibly the deadliest killer yet, the Xenomorph can use tunnels to quickly traverse maps and determine the basic location of survivors. His special crawl mode ability also increases danger, as he can move stealthily and use his tail to attack from further ranges – although survivors can use movable turrets of flame as a defense mechanism, overriding his power.

As with almost every change, it’s worth noting that there have been some balancing concerns from the community. I’m sure this could become a problem at higher levels of play, but as a casual player it only makes the games more exciting. The Xenomorph is a fearsome foe that’s a lot of fun to play and surviving an encounter feels like a real accomplishment every time. The chances of survival are already slim when dealing with an immortal enemy. As such, I’ve always found the appeal in the fun and unique situations that arise from gaming sessions, rather than the obsession with winning or losing. Unless you are very competitive I would not engage in these subjects.

Also new to the Dead by Daylight Alien DLC is the iconic Ellen Ripley as a survivor. While the default look is from the 1979 film, there is also a Back in Action outfit that uses her look from James Cameron’s Aliens and looks great too (there are some great skins for the Xenomorph too, which ranging from the queen to the grid). Xenomorph from Alien vs. Predator). Ripley is fun to use thanks to three unique perks that make her a viable survivalist. My favorite is Light-Footed, which makes running steps silent. Of course, that helps a lot, as does the ability to set up chemical traps and spot all teammates and the nearest generator when exiting a locker.

The Alien DLC also adds a free map for all players based on the Nostromo Wreckage movie. This is a real highlight as it contains some really awesome Easter eggs such as a facehugger jump scare and a random chance of Ripley’s cat Jonesy being in the ship’s lockers. It looks fantastic – as you can go inside the ship and surrounding planet you crashed on – and is loads of fun to play. A secret corpse will even appear with a keycard that can be used to open a secret room containing an item and the MU/TH/UR 6000. From Behavior’s level of detail, one can tell that the developer clearly loves the franchise.

Dead by Daylight Alien Chapter DLC Review: The Final Judgment

Behavior Interactive really refreshed Dead by Daylight with their Alien DLC. With the addition of new gameplay elements, the Xenomorph proves to be one of the game’s heaviest killers yet, which is fitting given the 1979 film’s terrifying impact. It’s fun to play and terrifying to compete against. It fits in perfectly with an asymmetric horror game. Ripley and the new stage are great additions too, and any fan of the franchise won’t regret picking up this DLC pack.

Disclosure: The publisher sent ComingSoon a code for our Dead by Daylight Alien Chapter DLC review.

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