Dharmendra Pradhan attacks TMC govt over school jobs scam


Attacking the Trinamool Congress (TMC) government over the alleged corruption in teachers’ appointments in the state, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Friday said that once known as the “centre of education”, Bengal has now become the “centre of corruption”.

“Crores of rupees were seized from the house of former education Minister’s friend. The whole country is watching this. See where the education system in Bengal has reached today. Bengal was once the centre of education but now it has become a centre of corruption,” said Pradhan during his visit to Dakkhineswar temple.

The youths in the state have raised their voice as even after having good qualifications, they failed to get a job here, he said.

“The new generation is being kept in the dark. The state government should pay attention to it. We hope the government would wake up from its slumber,” said Pradhan, who held an organisational meeting in Salt Lake and also visited Netaji Bhawan and National Library for other programmes.

Hitting out at the Mamata Banerjee government over the alleged SSC scam, Pradhan said, “When it comes to corruption, the TMC government is on the top. It does politics on everything. The central government gives money/funds for Anganwadi, housing, teachers’ salaries, clean water, free ration, etc, but this government is corrupt and is doing injustice to the poor. For several years, the candidates (SSC empanelled candidates) have been agitating over the irregularities in the appointment of teachers, but none of them (from the state government) came out to solve that. The people involved in the scam are now being caught.

All big names — a vice-chancellor, a former education minister and his woman friend — have been found involved in the teachers’ appointment case. In a democracy, it is our duty to liberate the people of Bengal from the corrupt people. How much more time this government needs to deliver justice to the candidates.”