• The Gerry scandal may have made it impossible for ABC to give it a try The Golden Bachelorette Spin-off series.
  • Gerry responded to his ex’s allegations, refuting the story and not paying much attention to it.
  • Despite the negative publicity, ABC could still move forward The Golden Bachelorette with a lead selected from the previous season’s participants.

The Golden Bachelor may have just ended with a sweet marriage proposal from Gerry Turner to Theresa Nist, but viewers are wondering if news of Gerry’s sordid past has ruined their chances of ever watching a season The Golden Bachelorette. While the spin-off series was the only mature version confirmed by ABC, The Golden Bachelor was such a huge success that viewers were convinced they would get an announcement for it The Golden Bachelorette during the final or shortly after. When Gerry chose Theresa over runner-up Leslie Fhimamany were sure of that Host Jesse Palmer would eventually name Leslie first Golden Bachelorette.

There was a lot of hope though The Golden Bachelorette from viewers who loved it The Golden Bachelor, The Gerry scandal may have made it impossible for ABC to try out the second season. While Gerry was praised by the show as a sweet, kind man who has been mourning the loss of his high school sweetheart for years, there were reports before the finale that he was anything but. When a woman claiming to be Gerry’s ex came forward to share her experience, The Golden Bachelor seemed like it was anything but golden.


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What were the allegations against Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner?

Gerry’s ex said he treated her badly and lied about her on camera

After a season of He sees Gerry as a kind-hearted man who is open and emotionally vulnerablethere had to be something that came out of the woodwork and did something The Golden Bachelor Lead seems anything but sweet. Gerry came to The Golden Bachelor with the story that he lost his wife Toni and hasn’t had a date since. His tragic backstory connected him to an audience that empathized with his pain and wanted to celebrate him moving forward to find love again. Even though Gerry is a widow, the rest of his backstory seemed a bit fuzzy at the time he was revealed The Golden Bachelor the viewers’ screens.

While Gerry is a widow who lost his wife of over 40 years in 2017, an ex of his who wishes to remain anonymous reports. The Golden Bachelor I started dating again very quickly. Gerry’s ex shared this He was dating a few months after his wife died. The ex, who came forward, shared that although Gerry seems like a gentle sweetheart on the show, he actually has a mean streak. After dating for almost a year, Gerry is said to have asked his ex to move in with him, only to kick her out of the house without warning, suggesting she was faking a serious injury to stay with him.

Has Gerry responded to his anonymous ex’s accusations?

Gerry did press work with his fiancée Theresa Nist

Although the allegations seemingly came with plenty of evidence from Gerry’s ex, The Golden Bachelor Star took time away from talking about his new relationship to clear up the rumors surrounding his love life. Although Gerry was heartbroken when he hurt Leslie and his runner-up Faith Martin, his love for Theresa seemed to be able to carry him through the pain. When he talked about his past, Gerry came from a state of pain that someone wanted to damage his reputation the way he did. Gerry refuted the story but didn’t say much about the details of his alleged ex.

While Gerry shared, he had already been on a date The Golden Bachelor, he had no interest in paying further attention to the story. He shared that while he was dating, he wasn’t sure what it meant to be in a relationship and that he wasn’t interested in dedicating any more time to the story. His family also commented on the allegations His daughters beat up the woman who tried to pick up their father. Gerry’s family shared that the ex, who claimed he was negative and manipulative, was angry because her father didn’t want to share the lease on his house and that he caused drama to get revenge on him.

Could ABC decide not to air a season of The Golden Bachelorette?

It’s possible ABC could move forward without the spinoff

While Gerry’s scandal appears to have had little consequence, there is still a possibility that it did The Golden Bachelor Reputation could be damaged due to bad publicity. Although Gerry was able to refute the claims about his time with his ex and instead focused on his future with Theresa, the information is still damaging. For someone with such a squeaky clean reputation, Gerry’s time as The Golden Bachelor was a fascinating look at a mature relationship forming in real time for the team behind it The Golden Bachelor, Although their narrative about Gerry was somewhat distorted by the information that came to light, the journey he took remained the same.

While the fact that the show’s reputation may be slightly different now that there is some less positive information about Gerry in the press, the idea that ABC would not move forward The Golden Bachelorette If they’re interested, that’s ridiculous. The Golden Bachelor was a huge success for the networkand after hearing how refreshing the series was for viewers, she brought it back into the world Bachelor Nation and creating a conversation, it seems unlikely that the information would lead to another spin-off being canned. However, it is unclear whether there will be a season The Golden Bachelorette or not, the allegations against Gerry won’t deter the show if it’s already in the works.

Who could be the first golden bachelorette?

If the series comes together, the lead role will be important

With the future of The Golden Bachelorette If the series is still in limbo, it may come down to who the production chooses to star. However, many have their own opinions about who that should be The Golden Bachelorette, There are so many possibilities The Golden Bachelor Season 1 that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Many have commented on Leslie and Faith being the leading candidates for the lead role, as they are closest to the end of the series and both have extensive backstory. As Gerry spent the longest time with Leslie and Faith during the seasonThey have a familiarity with the audience.

While Leslie and Faith would both be great options for the lead roles in the very first season The Golden Bachelorette, There are other women who were on Gerry’s season that would be great too. Many viewers were interested in learning more about Kathy Swarts, who was unforgettable during her time The Golden Bachelor, and Ellen Goltzer and Sandra Mason, both left an incredibly lasting impression on the audience. Regardless of who takes the first lead role, the women are out The Golden Bachelor deserve the chance at lifelong love.

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