In response to the post, Mr. Musk wrote: “or xAI.”

Recently, ChatGPT maker OpenAI experienced a harrowing time after firing CEO Sam Altman. The artificial intelligence community endured five days of high drama before OpenAI agreed to bring Sam Altman back as CEO and appoint new board members after nearly all employees threatened to resign over his ouster. The company’s president and co-founder, Greg Brockman, also returned after a chaotic period that highlighted the deep tensions at the heart of the artificial intelligence community. Now Ilya Sutskever, chief scientist and co-founder of OpenAI, finds himself in an awkward position because he, along with other OpenAI board members, fired Mr. Altman.

Mr. Altman had stated in his declaration of joining the company that they would continue their professional relationship. At the time he said: “I have no antipathy towards him. Although Ilya will no longer serve on the board, we hope to continue our working relationship.” However, a new report suggested that Mr. Sutskever had recently become “invisible” at OpenAI. A user on In response to the post, Mr. Musk wrote: “or xAI.”

According to scientist Helen Toner, who served on the board before leaving upon Mr. Altman’s return, the firing of OpenAI’s CEO was “not about AI safety, but about a lack of trust,” the Wall Street Journal reported . After Mr. Altman returned, Mr. Sutskever actually took a step back and said, “I deeply regret my involvement in the board’s actions.”

However, Mr. Musk has pointed out the chief scientist’s role in Mr. Altman’s firing on several occasions, including in an appearance at the New York Times Dealbook event. “I think we should be concerned about this because I think Ilya actually has a strong moral compass. He really sweats over what is right. And if Ilya was strong enough to want to fire Sam, then I think the world should do that.” “I know what that was,” he said.

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