Film lovers rejoice: a new picture from Martin Scorsese has arrived.

His latest film is Flower Moon Killer, based on the shocking true story (and non-fiction book by David Grann) about a series of murders and mysterious deaths in 1920s Oklahoma involving members of the Osage tribe. They were evicted from their former home and dumped on this seemingly worthless piece of land in Oklahoma. Instead, they discovered that their new land was located on a huge oil deposit – and were therefore systematically targeted by their white neighbors due to its invaluable natural resources. Scorsese’s film isn’t just a mystery; It is nothing less than a comprehensive look at a dark chapter in American history and the corrupting influence of money and power – and perhaps even a love story between two people at the center of all this violence: Ernest (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Mollie Burkhart (Lily ). Gladstone).

Flower Moon Killer is three and a half hours of pure Scorsese, full of all his favorite themes, filtered through the perspective of a man nearing the end of his career. As part of our excitement to have a new Scorsese film to talk about and because Flower Moon Killer While it truly feels like the conclusion of an artistic statement that spans decades, today seemed like the best time to look back on this great filmmaker’s career and evaluate all of his films. What place does this timely, powerful epic have among all the other timely, powerful epics he has created over the years? (The guy’s done a lot of timely, powerful epics. That’s kind of his thing.)

Keep in mind that the following list is his alone fiction Characteristics; it seemed strange and difficult to compare, say, The last waltz to something like The Wolf of Wall Street. And there are enough Scorsese documentaries, especially when you consider the shorts and films he’s made for television, that they really deserve a list of their own. We’ll come back to this another time; For now, here are all of Martin Scorsese’s feature films, ranked from worst to best:

Every Martin Scorsese film, ranked from worst to best

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