The producers of the hit comic book film “X-Men: The Last Stand” are said to have lured Halle Berry to return to the franchise and reprise her role as Storm.

Director Matthew Vaughn claims he decided to abandon the project after learning of the deception, saying he didn’t want to work for a studio that made such games.

Vaughn shared the news at New York Comic Con on Oct. 14, adding that the Fox filmmakers knew the weakness in getting Berry on the project was including a storyline involving black children, Africa and the return of the Kenyan princess are concerned with their rescue.

“One of the main reasons I gave up on ‘X-Men 3,’ and this is a true story, was because I walked into an executive’s office and saw an ‘X3’ script. It was a lot thicker,” Vaughn said, according to Screen Rant.

Adding: “I asked, ‘What kind of design is this?’ They said, “Don’t worry.” So I grabbed it and opened the first page and it said, “Africa.” Kids are dying because they don’t have water, and Storm creates a thunderstorm to kill all those kids rescue.’”

Vaughn, who also directed “Superman Returns,” said he thought the idea was “pretty cool.”

But when he continued to push for the alternate script, he was told, “That’s Halle Berry’s script because she hasn’t signed on yet.” That’s how she wants it. And as soon as she signs up, we throw it in the trash.”

Vaughn immediately said he decided to quit: “I thought, ‘If you did that to an Oscar-winning actress playing Storm, I’d quit.’ I thought, ‘I’m mincemeat.’”

Many online were equally outraged. Two said, “Hollywood executives are dirty” and “This really sucks.”

Another added: “Devilish and ridiculously racist.” They got Halle Berry to do X-Men: The Final Scene by sending her a script in which the opening scene was: “Africa.” Children die because of them have no water, and Storm creates a thunderstorm to save all these children.’”

Some suggested Berry sue the production company, including one who wrote: “She can actually sue them. They made her play this role under FALSE PRETENSES.”

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Berry returned to the Marvel Comics Universe and the entire Africa portion was cut. The showrunners have given the A-lister something to do. After the death of Charles

Fans tried to downplay the situation by saying she was “saving” something and that there were “kids” involved. She saved the “mutant children” at Xavier’s school.

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