Nobody expected this: The film adaptation of Five nights at Freddy’s The video game series is a huge success both in cinemas and on streaming. If a film premieres at home on the same day as it is in theaters, that usually reduces its box office potential. Not Five nights at Freddy’s. The film dominated the weekend box office And was seen by millions of subscribers to Comcast’s Peacock service.

In fact, according to Peacock, Five nights at Freddy’sbecame the “most-watched movie or series of all time in the first five days on the streaming platform.” So not only was it the biggest film the service ever had; It was also viewed more than any other television show. (At least according to Peacock.)

Its viewership numbers (which Peacock did not disclose) appear to be ahead of previous Peacock record holders such as Halloween ends (which was also released simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock), The Super Mario Bros. movie (which wasn’t the case), The Best Man: The Final Chaptersand the TV revival Bel Air.

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And yet all these views had little to no impact on me at home Five nights at Freddy’s Theater box office. The film opened in theaters worldwide last weekend to $132 million, making it the biggest theatrical release of a horror film in 2023. Starring Josh Hutcherson, Five nights at Freddy’s is about an unfortunate security guard who reluctantly accepts a night watchman job at the abandoned restaurant of the title, which is inexplicably populated by animatronic animals that come to life.

Five nights at Freddy’s has been an extremely popular gaming franchise for about a decade, which certainly helped attract audiences to the film. But again, many films were based on games and flopped in theaters, as did films that were released on streaming on the same day as on the big screen. Something about that title spoke to people. It’s clearly a young audience Five nights at Freddy’s The dedicated fan base decided that they would rather see the film on a big screen with their friends than watch it at home with their parents. (I guess it was her parents watching it at home? Or maybe the fans watched it again at home too?)

Five nights at Freddy’s is now in theaters and streaming on Peacock. Something tells me we’re about to experience a sixth night at Freddy’s.

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