Director Billy Luther turns what was supposed to be a summer of Fleetwood Mac into a journey that two young cousins ​​from different worlds will never forget Frybread Face and me Trailer.

Executive Producer: Taika Waititi and Distributed by Ava DuVernay’s Array Releasing. Frybread Face and me serves as the narrative film debut for Luther, a filmmaker from the Navajo, Hopi and Laguna Pueblo tribes. Set in 1990, this coming-of-age dramedy follows 12-year-old city kid Benny Lovell (Keir Tallman), whose summer – and his plans to attend an upcoming Fleetwood Mac concert – are turned upside down when his Parents drop him off at the Navajo Nation reservation to spend the summer with his grandmother.

“And so my summer began,” says the voice of the older Benny in a semi-trailer in the minute.

On the reservation, Benny is surrounded by his Aunt Lucy (Kahara Hodges), his Grandma Lorraine (Sarah Natani), his Uncle Marvin (Martin Sensmeier), and his cousin Fry (Charley Hogan). Benny and Fry’s meeting is full of awkward tension and comedy, with the duo’s introduction accentuated by Fry’s Frankenstein doll with a baby head and stuffed animal body and the nickname “Jeff Bridges.”

The duo spend the summer learning about each other’s worlds – what lesbians are, how to drive “with one hand on the wheel and a cigarette in the other” and that annual passes to Sea World are available. “Where are you going,” Benny asks his cousin. “We have something to do,” she replies. “Are you coming or not?”

But Fry isn’t the only family member who will be teaching Benny downstairs during his summer stay. He must face his bull riding, the bully of an uncle, and a grandmother who he finds difficult to connect with because she only speaks Navajo. It’s a summer in which Benny and Fry develop a special bond while learning more about their family’s past and themselves.

“You’re beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” Aunt Lucy says in the trailer as Benny and Fry dance around in colorful scarves and skirts.

Frybread Face and me

Together with Waititi, Frybread Face and me The longtime executive producer is Fenton Bailey of World of Wonder RuPaul’s Drag Race Producer Randy Barbato. Chad Burris is a producer on the film, which had its world premiere at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival and its international premiere at this year’s TIFF.

Frybread Face and me will debut on Netflix and in select U.S. theaters on November 24th, Native American Heritage Day.

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