• The White Walkers transformed Craster’s sons into baby White Walkers and revealed their plan to spread their kin throughout Westeros.
  • The White Walker subplot in Game of Thrones was a red herring that took attention away from the main plot and ultimately wasted it in its execution.
  • House of the Dragon lacks the harrowing horror and memorable moments of the White Walker baby scene, but future seasons could explore darker images and ideas.

years later game of Thrones In the end, fans are still wondering, “What did the White Walkers do to the babies?” Craster’s sons were given to the White Walkers, which is just one of the many things that caused sworn brothers of the Night’s Watch to loathe the Wildling, even though he was one of her few allies beyond the Wall. Craster’s keep acted as a refuge for the Night’s Watch, but this came at the expense of the crows, who had to endure Craster “marrying” his daughters and continually fathering children through incest. The question of what the White Walkers did with the babies Craster gave them was seemingly answered by one of the babies being turned into a White Walker.

game of Thrones Season 2 shockingly revealed that the Wilding Craster gave up his male children – born of incestuous relationships with his own daughters – as sacrifices to the walkers in exchange for relative peace in the Haunted Forest. In hindsight, this is actually a deeper look into Aegon the Conqueror’s dream/prophecy, which revealed some of the horrors that lay ahead for Westeros had Arya not killed the Night King. Since every White Walker baby was previously human, it’s clear that the Night King intended to repeat what he did during Crasters throughout Westeros game of Thrones Story arc.

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The Night King turns Craster’s sons into white walkers

The Wildling made a deal with the White Walkers

Transforming Craster’s sons into baby White Walkers is the only way for the Night King and his brood to reproduce. Even in the Age of Heroes, the Queen of the Night bore no children for the mysterious 13th Commander-in-Chief of the Night’s Watch. Why babies and not adults are candidates for transformation into White Walkers is probably because young children are easier to mold into the Night King’s wishes. Since Aegon the Conqueror was able to see what the White Walkers do to babies in his prophetic dreams, this could be a reason why Aegon was so keen to ensure this House of the DragonThe Targaryen family remained on the Iron Throne to defend Westeros from the Night King.

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Game Of Thrones wasted the White Walkers – on purpose

The White Walkers have always been a red herring

The Night King’s ultimate fate is one of the most spectacular red herrings in fantasy history, reducing the White Walkers – a series-long threat – to a midseason distraction. What the White Walkers did to Casters babies may be the greatest horror moment in contemporary fantasy. Still, it’s notable that in The Long Night no one else died at the center of the main plot and that the White Walkers were killed by only one person. This is because the White Walkers were a deliberate distraction from Daenerys Targaryen’s descent into villainy and the very final chapter in the history of the Iron Throne.

However, game of Thrones botched its initially clever use of a diversionary tactic because of how rushed it was in the final two seasons. The White Walkers also suffered early on from being such a malevolent, hidden presence whose appeal as villains depended on their mystery. Once the secret was revealed, the White Walkers were nothing more than a hive mind. The show also failed to capitalize on the shock factor of the Baby White Walkers, who were never included in the series again after their first appearance. Although the White Walkers managed to draw attention to Daenerys’s ultimate fate, particularly through her sinister emergence near Craster’s Keep and her plans for Westeros, her potential was wasted.

Will White Walkers be in House Of The Dragon?

The timeline of Westeros history makes it unlikely

Despite the fact that the magic is alive and well in the prequel – as seen in every dragon House of the Dragon – White Walkers will most likely not appear in the series game of Thrones spin off. The timeline of House of the Dragon takes place 200 years before the events of the original HBO series, so it is unlikely that the narrative will overlap with the events leading up to the Night King’s creation.

While game of Thrones“Babies were at risk of being turned into White Walkers, the infants in House of the Dragon They must face other dangers (including giant, fire-breathing lizards). However, since the dagger Arya used to kill the Night King was revealed to be a House Targaryen heirloom that secretly bears Aegon’s dream in Old Valyrian script, the fates of the White Walkers and the House of the Dragon are clearly linked.

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The White Walker Baby scene shows what HotD is missing

This kind of horror doesn’t exist in the House of the Dragon

Although House of the DragonThe brutal death scenes and clever political intrigue make it a worthy successor game of Thrones, there’s nothing in the prequel as memorably harrowing as what the White Walkers do to Caster’s babies. In fact, there is a glaring lack of horror in a series based on the presence of ill-tempered, reptilian, fire-breathing monsters. That is, as House of the Dragon Season 2 will certainly actually show how House Targaryen killed their own dragons while fighting among themselves, and there will likely be darker images and ideas from the series as well Fire and blood in future seasons.

Receive wasn’t a horror show, but it used many elements that wouldn’t be out of place in the genre, and the emotional reactions they evoke (such as the shock of learning that Caster’s sons are becoming White Walkers) are House of the Dragon needs to evoke in future seasons to be as memorable as game of Thrones.

The White Walkers’ kidnapping of Craster’s babies ultimately meant nothing

The Craster Babies subplot went nowhere

Although the question of what the White Walkers did with the babies seems to have been answered with the revelation that they were turning them into new White Walkers, the entire subplot ended up proving pointless game of Thrones. There were a lot of fun mysteries surrounding the Night King and the White Walkers as they became more of a threat as the series progressed. However, when Arya Stark killed the Night King, none of that seemed to matter anymore and the White Walkers didn’t seem to matter that much at all.

The audience may know what the White Walkers are doing with the babies, but there are so many unanswered questions surrounding this subplot. How did Craster come to a deal with the White Walkers? Can they only change babies? Will they quickly become full-grown White Walkers, or will the others have to look after a group of smaller White Walkers until they’re old enough to take over Westeros? The fact that they took Craster’s babies seemed to be another detail that was introduced game of Thrones without a planned solution and was eventually brushed aside to avoid having to find an explanation.

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