Gary Lineker has targeted three prominent Conservatives following a row over the host of the day’s match criticizing the government’s Rwanda policy.

The former England striker was one of several well-known figures who wrote their names in a letter calling on ministers to abandon the plan.

Lineker said: “We need a new system that reflects the will of the British people, who have opened their homes, donated and volunteered in their local communities.”

“That’s why I support this new campaign, because this is where the trade fair can really begin.”

This sparked an inevitable backlash from Tory MPs, led by the party’s deputy leader Lee Anderson.

Citing a quote he gave to the Daily Mail, Anderson wrote on X/Twitter: “For once in his life, Gary is absolutely right – we need a system that reflects the will of the British people.”

“What people want is to stop the boats and tell the overpaid chip sellers to put a sock in them.

“As well as tackling illegal migration, we need another robust system that keeps Lineker out of the public eye as much as possible to give us all a break from his far-left nonsense.”

In response, Lineker criticized the party’s weak poll numbers ahead of next year’s general election.

“I guess we will find out what the will of the British people is at the next general election. If you find yourself unemployed, I’ll stand up for you with Walkers Crisps,” wrote Lineker, who previously appeared in commercials for the snack maker.

And then he came for another conservative.

Former minister Jonathan Gullis also attacked Lineker’s stance, arguing: “Another breach of the BBC’s impartiality rules by Gary Lineker.” But unfortunately the spineless Tim Davie will do nothing about it, having previously surrendered to Lineker.”

This time Lineker had a more personal comment: “Jonathan hasn’t read the new guidelines…or, should I say, has someone read them to him?”

Then came Grant Shapps, the defense secretary, who criticized the broadcaster for its “interference” in politics.

This time he mocked 4 Chaps Shapps because of an old controversy surrounding Shapps’ aliases.

It is not the first time that Lineker has been embroiled in political controversy.

The ex-footballer was heavily criticized earlier this year when he said the government’s language around immigration was reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

This led to him being temporarily removed from Match of the Day by BBC bosses.

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