A group of Gazan citizens breached the border fence a few weeks ago and entered Israel without being immediately caught, according to a video released by the group and circulating online on Wednesday.

During the video, with blaring, macho music, Gazans present themselves as having breached the fence at several points and, victorious, having entered Israeli territory without being caught.

However, the video does not show that the Palestinians in question did not approach another, much better defended fence about 100 to 200 meters away during the incident, which actually happened about two months ago.

In other words, the fence that the registered Gaza Strip residents cut through is an unmanned fence, signaling a no man’s land security zone leading to the larger fence heavily manned by IDF forces.

Furthermore, the video does not show that at the same time as these Palestinians were cutting through the fence at a safe distance from IDF forces, other Palestinians were attacking IDF forces from a greater distance and being dispersed by tear gas and tanks.

Palestinian demonstrators protest at the Israel-Gaza border fence east of Gaza City on August 21, 2023. (Source: ATIA MOHAMMED/FLASH90)

In other words, the Palestinians featured in the video are actually further from the “action” than many of the other Palestinians involved.

IDF: Palestinian video for self-promotion, not terrorism

According to the IDF, the goal of those who shot the video was not to commit terrorism, but to portray themselves internally in Gaza as having achieved something against Israel, at a time when terrorist groups were in the Gaza Strip have achieved very little recently.

The IDF added that those shown in the video fled as the IDF approached the area.

In May, Israel launched a targeted operation that killed a number of top Islamic Jihad leaders, with little specific revenge by the terrorist group in response.

Source : www.jpost.com

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