Find and defeat Vivianne of the Lake Genshin Impact can be quite tricky as the location of the mini-boss opponent isn’t shown too clearly. Vivianne of the Lake is an exclusive Fontaine enemy and is considered a local legend. Another opponent that fits into the same category is Genshin Impactis Iron Viscount, although his fight is very different from Vivianne’s. Essentially, Vivianne is an upgraded version of the regular Tainted Water-Spouting Phantasm enemies prevalent in the Fontaine region.

Vivianne of the Lake is an elemental hydro creature and as such is invulnerable to elemental attacks Genshin Impact. It was added as an enemy in version 4.0, introducing the Nation of Hydro as one of the explorable regions in Teyvat. Defeating Vivianne of the Lake requires proper team competition. Before you take on the challenge, however, you must find this local legend.

Vivianne location in Genshin Impact (Fontaine)

Vivianne of the Lakes location in Genshin Impact is north of the Court of Fontaine, the capital of the region. The best way to get the local legend is to go to the teleport waypoint north of town, northeast of the Echoes of the Deep Tides Domain. After reaching the waypoint, you should head slightly northwest. Vivianne of the Lake hovers over a circle drawn on the floor. The exact location can be seen in the image below as shown on the official interactive map HoYoLAB:

Tips to beat Vivianne Of The Lake in Genshin Impact

Vivianne of the Lake is a mini boss in Genshin Impact and as such it is a challenge to be overcome. The Local Legend’s most notable feature is its massive HP pool. Because of this, it may take a few minutes to defeat Vivianne. The opponent has two strong attacks. One of these is a jet of water that continuously streams towards and follows the active character, even as they move. The second move is a cannon that fires water projectiles. There is no specific strategy to deal with these attacks other than dodging them.

Vivianne of the Lake’s attacks are telegraphed by her movements prior to executing the attacks themselves.

It’s important to note, however, that Vivianne of the Lake’s attacks hit extremely hard and can also be one-offs depending on the active character being hit. Therefore, it is recommended to use a healer or a shield to mitigate any damage returns. Vivianne can easily clear shields with her moves, so that’s no exaggeration Bring both a shield and a healer. Since Vivianne is a Hydro elemental opponent, the rule of thumb is to use characters from other elements, as Hydro doesn’t affect this mini-boss Genshin Impact.

Another odd detail is that Vivianne Freeze will suffer DMG but is not frozen. This means that Kryo characters can deal damage but not inflict a status effect. Defeating Vivianne of the Lake will require some patience as it takes a while to deplete the huge pool of HP even with a solid team cast. Still, it’s a fairly easy opponent to defeat, provided you take care of your characters, protecting them or healing them as needed. Vivianne is just one of the many local legends you may encounter as you explore the Fontaine region Genshin Impact.

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