I’m sorry, but why is there a furry society?

University clubs are an integral part of the university experience, but there are some truly iconic and equally unhinged clubs that you can join while studying. Some of them look very fun and actually make me consider starting a new degree just to be able to attend, but others make me question the sanity of those who attend.

Buckle up because it’s a wild ride and if you’re a part of these societies, please don’t bully me on the internet.

1. Oxford University and Oxford Brookes – Quidditch Club

Okay, we’ll start off fairly neutral. Unlike some other societies, this one will not make you want to drop out of your studies straight away, but will probably just finish you off.

The Quidditch Club is a joint club with the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes and surprise students do Quidditch. And when I say students do Quidditch, what I really mean is they run around with a broomstick between their legs like a dog with zoomies. I’m feeling really bad, I’m sorry.

The club also takes part in the European and British Quadball Cups, where it always finishes in the top two.

But fair to them, because after five minutes I would probably get a sting and not the snitch.

2. Newcastle University – 20 Minute Society

Okay, that’s just an icon and I’m honestly tempted to apply for just that club in Newcastle right now.

The premise of 20 Minute Society is that you sign up with your phone number and then receive a 20 minute SMS alert with information about your mysterious social location and topic. Crime trips, weekend trips and winter balls are also offered. The real question here is whether Love Island or this company coined “I’ve Got a Line” first.

3. Newcastle University – Llama, Goat and Alpaca Society

I’m also adding this one because I want other people to feel the injustice of their universities not offering this. Newcastle obviously embraces all the good social ideas. The Llama, Goat and Alpaca Society aims to “provide a break from stressful university life”. Whether you want to walk a llama, feed alpacas, or do yoga with mini goats, we are here for all your LAG needs!”

The things I would do now to walk an alpaca are criminal.

4. University of Glasgow – Shrek Society

God bless the University of Glasgow for this. Not only is the social content top notch, but the fact that this is a real society is iconic. Taylor Swift x Shrek is the crossover we never knew we needed. The society regularly organizes Shrek-themed pub crawls, screenings and karaoke events and has even collaborated with the Minecraft society, absolutely iconic scenes.

5. Glasgow Society – Clash of Clans Society

If Shrek was iconic, I’m sorry, but this movie is a flop. That’s not an insult to anyone in this society, but it really isn’t. Essentially, it’s aimed at people obsessed with Clash of Clans and aims to “cover all aspects of this app, from supporting beginners with their bases to full clan wars with participating members.”

While it’s great that there really is a society for everyone, it’s a little intense and honestly I didn’t think we’d be able to ever escape Clash of Clans at this point. Speaking of societies for all, this is your warning that the next two are WILD.

6. University of York – Fetish Society

UMMMMM, what the hell is York anyway? I’m actually at a loss for words, so please enjoy this recent quote from the Society’s website while I regain my composure. The society organizes speakers who cover topics such as “Pet Play, Service Submission, Wax Play and many more!” And that’s not all, oh no.

The society also hosts workshops to learn about rope bondage, discussion groups, and outings to visit “local social groups,” which sounds like code to me.

It also describes itself as “York’s most interesting evenings of show and story!” which I have no doubt at all. Listen, I’m not a bit perverted and it’s good to be educated. I just think it’s wild that this is a real society on a campus.

7. University of Sussex – Sussex Furs Society

And we’re right back to another one. Yes, the University of Sussex has a furry society.

The Sussex Furs describe themselves as “suitable not only for all of our furry friends, but for anyone who is enthusiastic and open-minded.” So if you are a furry animal, a dog handler, an enthusiast, interested in fur culture or just a If you want to meet some fun new people, then come to us and experience lots of furry fun! We host events such as get-togethers, picnics, outings in suits, and trips to local conventions.”

Proof that there really is a society for everyone, even if that shouldn’t necessarily be the case.

8. University of St Andrews – Shire of Caer Caledon Society

Okay, so people are going to think this is either lame or great. I’m firmly in the amazing camp and now I need to make friends with someone from that society as soon as possible. Firstly, there is a dedicated video which I love, secondly the actual society is a historical reenactment where you can celebrate festivals and then choose a guild to belong to.

Each of the guilds has its own special activities such as artisans who craft, bards who help with performances, music and poetry, brewers who make their own beers, cloth makers who make clothing and shields, cooks who use authentic medieval recipes, and Fighters who have weekly training sessions.

This is so St. Andrews, can you imagine Prince William attending?

9. University of Exeter – Hide and Seek Society

There isn’t much more Exeter.

However, this company isn’t just a game of hide-and-seek, it also covers “classics like Grandma’s Footsteps” and “Stuck in the Mud.” There is even a sports day. I’m not going to lie, I thought this was lame at first, but after looking at the social media channels it actually looks very healthy, so good for everyone in Exeter to heal their inner child.

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