Celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix, Cate Blanchett and Susan Sarandon are calling on the US President to push for an end to the fighting.

Hollywood stars including Joaquin Phoenix, Cate Blanchett and Susan Sarandon have called on US President Joe Biden to call for a ceasefire in Israel’s war with Hamas.

In a letter published Friday, dozens of entertainment figures called on Biden to allow an end to the bombing of Gaza and the release of all prisoners held by Hamas.

“We ask you, as President of the United States, to call for immediate de-escalation and a ceasefire in Gaza and Israel before another life is lost,” the celebrities wrote in the letter organized by artist4ceasefire.org.

“More than 5,000 people have been killed in the last week and a half – a number that every person in conscience knows is catastrophic. We believe that all life is sacred, regardless of faith or ethnicity, and we condemn the killing of Palestinian and Israeli civilians.”

“We urge your government and all world leaders to honor all lives in the Holy Land and to immediately demand and facilitate a ceasefire – an end to the bombing of Gaza and the safe release of the hostages,” it said continue with the letter.

“Saving lives is a moral imperative.”

The more than 70 signatories include Jessica Chastain, Kristen Stewart, Jeremy Strong, Mark Ruffalo and Quinta Brunson.

Israel vowed to root out Hamas after the armed group carried out the deadliest attacks on the country in decades and bombarded Gaza with airstrikes ahead of an expected ground offensive.

At least 4,130 people have been killed in Israeli attacks on the enclave so far, according to Palestinian officials.

According to Israeli officials, Hamas’ multi-pronged attacks in Israel on October 7 killed more than 1,400 people and captured about 200 people.

Biden has supported Israel in its war against Hamas while urging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza and minimize civilian casualties.

Oxfam and United Nations agencies have warned that Gaza is facing a humanitarian disaster and the risk of cholera and other deadly infectious diseases is increasing due to the collapse of water and sanitation services.

After Israel announced a complete blockade of the Palestinian enclave, it cut off water, fuel and electricity supplies to Gaza.

On Friday, Biden said the first trucks carrying aid from Egypt to Gaza would arrive in the next 24 to 48 hours, after earlier reaching an agreement with Netanyahu to allow the importation of food, water and medical supplies into the Enclave to enable.

Source : www.aljazeera.com

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