Hong Kong was inundated by torrential rain on Friday, causing widespread flooding in the densely populated city. Streets, shopping centers and subway stations were under water, prompting authorities to close schools and recommend employees work from home. This Chinese special administrative region experienced the highest hourly rainfall ever recorded in its 140-year history.

Hong Kong was flooded by rains

The Hong Kong Observatory reported significant rainfall of 158.1 millimeters (6.2 inches) from 11 p.m. HKT on Thursday to midnight on Friday (1500 to 1600 GMT on Thursday). The weather bureau then issued its heaviest “black” rain warning, noting that over 200mm of rainfall had been recorded on Hong Kong’s main island of Kowloon and the northeastern New Territories region since Thursday night.

The weather bureau attributed the torrential rains to a low-pressure system linked to the remnants of Typhoon Haikui, which has dumped heavy rains on the Guangdong coast since Thursday. These extreme weather conditions are expected to continue until at least midday Friday. In response, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced it would not begin trading on Friday morning if the 9 a.m. black rain warning remained in effect

Numerous videos shared on social media showed streets turning into fast-flowing rivers. One particularly striking clip showed water rushing down an escalator into a flooded subway station. The situation worsened when the city’s important harbor tunnel, a vital link between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, became submerged.

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In addition, a flooded shopping center in Chai Wan District was photographed. Hong Kong’s MTR Corp, which is responsible for the city’s rail network, reported the closure of at least one rail line, while others experienced significant delays in service.

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