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  • Helly is actually Helena Eagen, a high-ranking executive and daughter of CEO James Eagen, which is why her involvement in the severance process is crucial for PR points.
  • Helly’s disruptive behavior in the office may have been tolerated due to her ties to the Eagen family, calling into question the company’s strict stay-at-home policy.
  • The revelation of Helly’s true identity and family connections triggers hidden memories and emotions, raising the stakes for all characters involved.

From that moment on Apple TV+’s severance pay began, we saw the world through the eyes of Helly (Britt Lower), a woman with no memory of basic details about herself who works for a mysterious company called Lumon. As Helly and the audience soon learn, This is because she voluntarily participated in a process called “severance,” where a chip in the brain allows one to completely separate their work life and home life, creating two different versions of the same person. Helly’s outie has essentially condemned herself, like the other laid-off employees in the building, to a life where she could do anything for the company she works for, with no idea what it is or how to get out of the agreement . Of course, as the finale proved, Helly’s life is very different from that of everyone else in the company. Now that the wait for season two has officially begun and filming for the new season is well underway, let’s discuss the clues that lead to Helly’s big reveal.

severance pay

Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and home lives. When a mysterious colleague shows up outside of work, he begins a journey to discover the truth about his job.

Release date February 18, 2022

Creator Dan Erickson

Seasons 2

“Severance” reveals Helly’s parentage in the season 1 finale

From the beginning severance payIn the finale, one of the first most shocking pieces of information we hear is that Helly is actually a descendant of Kier, the man behind the Lumon empire and part of the Eagen family, making her the daughter of CEO James Eagen (Michael Siberry). Helly is Helena Eagen, a high-ranking executive at the company who hopes to score PR points by projecting a positive view of the workplace. This is necessary because in the series, the Senate is currently debating whether or not Lumon’s severance process should be legalized. Her work as a laid-off employee therefore enables her outie to speak about the process on stage at a gala with invited members of the press.

Helly’s connection to the Eagens was a theory that gained traction as the series progressed, although the series did an excellent job of keeping us guessing until the end. One of the main reasons many suspected that she was related to the Lumon founders was the extent to which her superiors on her floor wanted to put up with her. From breaking windows when trying to escape, to wandering around halls and even attempting suicide. Helly made it clear in every possible way that she wanted to resign, but was being held against her will. While it becomes clear pretty quickly that Lumon doesn’t allow its employees to leave their posts, Had Helly been a regular employee, this rule probably would have been ignored considering how disruptive she was in the office.

Even at the beginning of the series, there were clues as to who Helly is. In Episode 2 Milchick (Tramell Tillman) comments while taking her to the severance surgery room that it’s amazing that she works there, even calling it a “miracle”. Later in the series, when the group visits the Eagen Museum, also known as the Perpetuity Wing, Helly looks at Lumon’s first female CEO (probably her great-grandmother) and wishes she remembered her childhood. Later in the wellness center we learn that part of the subconscious about a person’s external life is stored in an inn.

As Mark (Adam Scott) begins by making a clay model of the tree where the car accident in which he lost his wife occurred. The trigger is the presence of his wife in the room, although he does not recognize her as Mrs. Casey (Dichen Lachman). So that’s obvious The sight of a model of her family members was enough to trigger a part of Helly that connected the people in that room to her own childhood and family. Added to this is the fact that Milchick almost always pulled out the camera whenever Helly came into the picture at the party, a fact that seems innocuous at first but becomes extremely important when you consider that Helena Eagen’s sole reason for being separate, such promotional materials were to be deleted from their Innie’s life.


10 Major Predictions for Season 2 of Severance

“The Music Dance Experience is officially canceled.”

Helena and Helly are on a collision course in Season 2 of “Severance.”

We don’t know much about the misfits of the other characters in the series, but both Petey and Mark suffered personal losses that resulted in them having to undergo the severance process. Mark lost his wife in a car accident (or so he thinks) and Petey (Yul Vazquez) lost his in a divorce. There is reason to believe that Dylan (Zach Cherry) and Irving (John Turturro) had their own pain that led them to break up and work for Lumon. In the season finale, Helly’s father briefly meets with her to thank her for undergoing the procedure and even makes a comment about how difficult it was for her. which has to do with the fact that all the laid-off employees are there to escape the hard lives they lead.

The little we knew about Helly’s outie before the season 1 finale came from Helly herself. When Helly threatens to cut off her hand to resign from her role at the company, she finds herself face to face with a recorded version of her outie. a cold and unforgiving woman who tells Helly to get to work and stop complaining because she’s not a real person. This reinforces the idea that Helly is not a real person to her. Even her own father sounds disdainful when he mentions Helly’s outie, probably because he shares Helena’s belief in not seeing them as real people. While we know that a large part of Helena’s efforts were lobbying for legislation, her father also mentions something about her joining him in his “revolving,” which could be a title of sorts for Eagens if she take command of the law leadership. So it’s possible that Innie Helly telling the world about the horrors of the severance process would not only cause the bill not to pass, but also cause her to lose confidence in the board.

While severance pay was great fun from the start, the Helena variant masterfully incorporated into the series really ups the ante for all the characters. Especially since one of the series’ biggest enemies is now a character we all know and love. severance pay Season 2 is finally underway and will add new characters played by Gwendoline Christie, John Noble, And Alia Shawkat for interacting with Mark, Dylan, Irving and Helly, among others. Luckily, viewers won’t have to wait much longer to see the next chapter of this story.

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