In Sea of ​​starsThere are several enemies players will encounter, one of which is Romaya, the necromancer. Romaya is the Necromancer boss and quite a foe compared to all enemies met so far. Romaya will do anything to outnumber and overwhelm you, so this battle requires strategy and patience.

Your main attack will be to create more enemies, and unfortunately She will not be subject to any of your attacks. Therefore, physical attacks, poison attacks, and solstice attacks only deal base damage. However, certain attacks are still better suited for this boss fight.

How to beat Nomaya in Sea of ​​Stars

As stated, Nomaya’s main attack is to use the nearby Bone Piles and Flesh Piles to spawn Revenant and Gulgul enemies brought to life. These enemies can be defeated initially, but this is only temporary Sea of ​​stars Boss can just spawn more. The best way to deal with these additional threats while also damaging Nomaya is to do the following: Use AOE, area of ​​effect, and attacks so the summoned enemies, Piles and Nomaya, can all be damaged at once. However, if one needs to be more focused than the other, Concentrate on the zombie enemies as they hit harder than the skeleton enemies with high health but weak attacks.

As for Nomaya and her attacks, note that she also has a weak attack where she throws eyeballs and a stronger charge attack. felfire rain, which wreaks havoc everywhere with poisonous rain. First is best Focus on clearing the piles and taking the damage Nomaya deals. Since Nomaya cannot heal itselfIt is not mandatory to be aggressive with attacks. players should Choose the defensive path and be patient while dealing damage and healing yourself. Valeres moon shield can be very useful in this fight. If you’re having trouble, try using some Auxiliary Relics Sea of ​​stars to tip the scales in your favor.

As for offense Zale has a few powerful attacks that can come in handy, such as Sunball or his boosted attack. As long as you balance your attacks and healing, Nomaya should be down in no time. Remember to prioritize the biggest threats and not waste attacks on enemies such as: B. the skeleton enemies, which will appear again anyway. Once Nomaya and all other enemies are defeated, the party gets their XP and can progress beyond that Sea of ​​stars Boss.

  • Sea of ​​stars

    Platform: Microsoft Windows, Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

    Approved: 08/29/2023

    Developer: sabotage

    Editor: sabotage

    Genre: Adventure, RPG

    Engine: Unit

    ESRB: E10+

    Continuation(s): The messenger

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