The demand for expansions in Cities: Skylines 2 can cause you to spend a lot of money, so exporting electricity is a good way to get it back.

Choosing to export electricity can be one of the best ways to make money again Cities: Skylines 2, especially in the early stages of the game. Expanding beyond city limits is notoriously difficult at first, as you won’t have too many sources of income to cover your ambitious budget. Only with clever urban planning can you develop a good source of income from your electricity network.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to electricity is that you should Always generate more electricity than your city needs, and never just the bare essentials. Earn money quickly Cities: Skylines 2 This only happens once you have put yourself in a position to take risks. If you don’t focus on generating enough power from the start, you won’t be able to distribute that power to new neighborhoods you might want to build.

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How to Export Power and Power in Cities: Skylines 2

There are Two steps to export the electricity generated in your city, first through Building structures that produce electricityand then Connecting the power grid from these structures to a transformer station. A whole Power menu will be your guide when building structures consume fossil fuels or find other ways to generate power. Those who want to eliminate pollution Cities: Skylines 2 should take into account the CO2 impacts of different power plants.

Once you have one or more places in your city that produce electricity, you can check it out Electricity trading menu to show the exact numbers associated with each structure you create.

You need to Lay power lines near the power generation plants after they have been installed Cities: Skylines 2. Preferably Build power lines underground, so they don’t get in the way of other buildings that make up your city. Feel free Follow the same paths as roads to make this process much more understandable when trying to reconnect to a transformer station.

Make sure your power lines leading out of your city are also connected to the transformer station to ensure the electricity flows in a way that makes you profitable. To see if your system is working, go to City economy Menu, then that budget Tab. Navigate to Services trade And look at the bottom right section to see how much money your city makes after exporting electricity Cities: Skylines 2.

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    Summary: Cities: Skylines is a city building simulator with a focus on city planning and geographical design. It builds on the ideas of SimCity and expands the concept to include highly detailed traffic information, population representation and complicated game mechanics such as taxes, budgeting, zoning and public transport.

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