Tip: Make sure you have at least 10-15% more tiles than you measured so that you can easily correct any mistakes or errors


  1. Check your tile manufacturer’s recommendations for grout. You can purchase your desired color.
  2. Apply the grout in small sections, making sure to work it into each joint. You can wipe off excess material with a damp sponge. Allow the grout to dry and remove any excess material from the tiles.
  3. Once the grout has cured, use a sealant to preserve its longevity, then finish your tiling project with silicone caulk on the corners and crevices of the shower.

The grout is the last but most important step.

Photo: Evelyn Pierce Smith

More FAQs

What common mistakes should you avoid when tiling a shower?

Before you start the first row of tiles, there are a few things you should consider. According to Snouffer, it’s important to take the time to plan and research the process. She says: “Things always happen during the process that require pausing and perhaps creative thinking – as any experienced DIYer knows. If you plan and make sure the foundation of the surface is level, the proper tile backing is in place, and there is waterproofing, the actual tile installation will be much easier.” Other common mistakes to avoid, according to designer Evelyn Pierce Smith, include usage of glass tiles (as they are the most difficult to install) and inadequate preparation of the area. Smith says, “Make sure your surface is completely flat and smooth before you start tiling.” She also adds, “Make sure the shower basin contains water before you start tiling. “

What is the correct order when tiling a shower?

With any DIY project, it’s important to start by selecting and planning the design. After that, according to Snouffer, the best place to start is: plumbing valves, drains and tubs, tile backsplash, shower pan or tub, caulking, laying tiles and edges with mortar/thin-set, grouting, caulking, plumbing, and then finishing installing fixtures like showerheads, controls, and trim panels .

What are some pro tips or hacks for tiling a shower?

Unfortunately, there is no hack that allows you to skip the difficult or tedious parts of this tiling project. Before laying your first tile, the most important step is to prepare the foundation for the tiled area. According to Snouffer, “Ensure the tile backing is level, or adjust the frame as necessary to achieve this.” The waterproof membrane should not have any wrinkles or unevenness. Play with the dry fit of the tiles to get a game plan to get started. And finally, take your time – laying the tiles themselves isn’t the hard part, but it does require attention to detail.”

Source : www.architecturaldigest.com

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