In Super Mario Bros WonderPlayers can enjoy numerous traditional Mario features, including special courses, each accessible in the corresponding world starting at W1, Pipe Rock Plateau. These special course entrances are hidden in each of the worlds, typically behind difficult challenges.

Once the challenge is completed, Mario and his friends can go to the special world where they can complete the difficult hidden course. Although the course itself will unfortunately not be easy, achieving it will not be easy either. However, frustrations can be minimized by paying close attention to a particular course.

How to unlock the Pipe-Rock Plateau special course

The first entrance to the Special world will be in world 1 of Super Mario Bros Wonder, Pipe Rock Platformespecially through the Rush Express Course. While it may seem like players just need to complete the course, it’s not that easy. Actually there is a hidden exit at the end of the courseTherefore, completing it will not be enough. To access this secret exit, Mario must reach the wrong end of the course.

While the Bulrush Express level can be difficult to complete, an important tip is to take advantage of the ability to ride on the creatures’ backs while running.

Attempting to complete this course another way might be doable, but it will be much more difficult than it needs to be. Instead, Ride through the course on the backs of the bulls, paying attention to the various obstacles as the level will occasionally keep you away from the cops. Only do this if necessary and move on immediately Avoid being left behind. It’s also best to stop by with one Super Mario Bros Wonder Power-up active, so damage taken does not immediately end the level. Eventually the cops will lead Mario to what appears to be the end of the level.

Although this is technically the end of the level, it does not open the special course. Instead of crossing the finish line, you notice that there is a blocked path that leads to a golden pipe. To reveal the path, at least one player must reach the finish line Elephant power-up so that they can break through the barriers. This pipe transports Mario to secret ending of Bulrush Express. Reaching this ending will unlock the first special course in the special world of Super Mario Bros Wonder.

  • Super Mario Bros Wonder

    Franchise: Super Mario Bros.

    Platform(s): Nintendo Switch

    Approved: October 20, 2023

    Developer: Nintendo EPD

    Publisher): Nintendo

    Genre(s): Action, adventure, platformer

    ESRB: E

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